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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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How long do fillers really last?
I can see why this would be confusing!   Because the company’s marketing generally says one thing and the experience and real life docs and patients another – yes?   A couple of points that should help: The companies say and  market times
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My dermatologist says one thing and you say another. What should I think?
Happy you wrote!   There always the SKILL of the doctor and the POTENTIAL of the technology.    While it’s true that KTPs can cause, if not done well, little grooves or divits……the chance of that happening with your very experienced dermatologist
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Sometimes you just have the flu!
Okay so here’s what to do if something like this happens after a treatment: 1)     Call the office that treated you and let them know what your symptoms are so they can either see you or reassure you ….as needed; 2)     Call
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Arrrgggggh - confusion about Retin A/retinol and vitamin A creams!
I totally get WHY everyone has sooooo much trouble with this.  It truly IS confusing.   It’s because they have the same effects in the RIGHT concentrations but the concentrations to get a good effect are really different.   Retinol is about
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Can lasers like Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Repair cause MORE wrinkles??
Fraxel Restore and Fraxel Repair are confusing terms to consumers I think.  Far better to call them by their generic names -  Fraxel erbium and Fraxel CO2.   Most  women over 60 (but not all) have wrinkles deep enough that the
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Can the aging décolletage, chest and hands really be improved?
Yes, yes and YES!!     No need to give up on these area.   I’ll give you a quick bottom line but they you’ll need a good dermatologist to customize things to you. FIRST THOUGH, improve your skin care products for these areas.   
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Does the prescription hair reduction cream Vaniqua really work?
Yes it does work.   Since it’s prescription and sometimes insurance won’t cover it, it can be expensive.  It’s best on the face and inhibits hair growth rather than chemically removing it (like the drugstore products).   So…….it’s not irritating.   It’s most
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Could acupuncture on the face interfere with injectibles like Botox, Dysport or fillers?
Okay…..that could really be just too many needles for one day!   J  Really not a good idea……unless you’re getting the treatments done the same day with the acupuncture before the injectible.  Don’t  have acupuncture treatments  after Botox/Dysport or injectibles on the
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