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I truly wish I could answer every question and try to pick those that will help the most readers. Giving your age helps and the exact product or technology used. Please check back frequently because questions may be answered up to 2 months later.

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How often does an eyelid laser treatment need to be maintained and other questions?
The minute we recover from a laser treatment, or plastic surgery for that matter, we start to age again!!   And that rate of aging is determined by genetics, sun exposure, skincare products, life health habits, your current age, and
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Feelings of depression and loss of self esteem when a cosmetic treatment goes badly.
My heart goes out to you on this.    I really think that many women feel these feelings when a treatment doesn't go well.   It's very diffucult to look in the mirror every day and feel okay if you are seeing
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What about IPL with Levulan for sun damage, aging and/or oil?
I am not a fan of this combination which has been around now and sometimes in the press for about 5 years now.  Here's why: It can produce severe facial burns if not done well or there is too much natural
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What "over the counter" retinol and vitamin C brands are good?
I do have some biases here!.   I and our clinic clearly can't test ever product out there and I don't like relying solely on ingredient lists since they don't really give a good indication of the feel and the effectiveness
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How to treat back acne and get the color even afterwards?
Thank you!    Back acne can be a probem for many.   You can use the same products on your back as you do on your face.   It's just a little harder to reach some of the areas.  Some drugstores sell long
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Renova vs. Refissa vs retinol
I'm a little puzzled by your question because Renova and Refissa are the trade names for prescription retinoids (not made by Obagi), similar to Retin A - the generic name is tretinoin.    Obagi and many other companies may have a
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Can nonsurgical treatments like lasers substitute for a neck lift?
The answer to this really depends on accurate self assessment here!   Generally, if one has just a little bit of neck laxity (loose skin) and a little crepeyness, then a one or two fractionated CO2 or erbium lasers may be
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Why does Paula Begoun's site disagree about Phoretin CF the antioxidant?
Okay ....... first I gotta say that I love Paula Begoun and most of what she says!   But.....many dermatologists, chemists, and skin care companies disagree with her about the use of small amounts of certain kinds of alcohol in skin
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