A problem with Belotero – what to do now?

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i had Boletero on my cheeks which left me with big bag under my eyes the left one is even more obvious and on the side of my cheeks which looks horrible , i was told hyaluronic to remove the filler could make it worse and am too scared to try. The doctor has suggested i have 6 session of Tri_active Radio Frequency, is there any risk ?and can this melt my own fat on my cheeks ? I am desperate to have those bag remove but am also scare this has been 3 months now . What is your suggestion ? what should I do ? Thank you very much for your help Kind regards C

I’m sad this happened to you. If you had Belotero, a hyaluronic acid filler, injected which created too much volume (bags), then really consider the hyaluronidase to uncrosslink and smooth it out.   It’s really the only realistic rememdy in a situation like this and it generally works very well and immediately.  

I’m not sure why your doctor is  recommending the radio-frequency which could be expensive and doesn’t work as well as the hyaluronidase.

Read more on filler mistakes like these and what to do.

Hope this helps!   Dr. I