Brown spots on the legs

Jun 25, 2009
I have had my sun spots laser off my legs, with great result. But I still have some brown spots where the gentle laser does not help. They look like a sun/age spot but with dry patch of skin on top. What are these spots and can I get rid of them. Thank you, Kathy

Hi Kathy -  Without seeing these, I can only give you some general guidelines.  Usually if small brown spots are completely flat (not raised and no texture) they are a freckle (lentigo) which are caused by sun damage.   If the spot is raised and is slightly rough on the surface, it may be a seborrheic keratosis (not a skin cancer and cause by age/sun).  But.........  a dermatologist should look at these spots to make sure they aren't a skin cancer because skin cancers can look similiar sometimes.  He/she can also tell you the options for removing.  Often liquid nitrogen is a good choice.  It's not surprising that the laser didn't work for the raised spots you are describing.  Best, Dr. Irwin


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