Can I continue to use Retin A if I have rosacea?

Feb 04, 2012
I just found you web site & it is great. I am 65 yrs. old & just developed a mild case of rosecea. I have used retin a for 30 yrs, first to clear up bumps & continued for aging. I have tolerated the retin a well & my skin looks 15 years younger. I am using metrogel 1 x day. Should I continue using the retin a with rosecea. Thank you so much for your help.
Yes! For many years dermatologists recommended against this afraid it would cause more irritation.  But, a few years ago, several studies were done which showed that Retin A/Renova/tretinoin, etc. in fact does NOT irritate rosacea and, in many cases, improve it.  It's fine to stay on it!

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