Can I get rid of brown spots under or around the eyes??

Aug 06, 2012
Hello Dr. Irwin, What can I use or do to get rid of brown spots under my eyes. I use a product that lightens under eye spots not much luck. I now use a under eye sunscreen now that I have so many. What can you recomend to get rid of them. Thanks! :)

Dear readers -

The topic of brown spots and how to understand them and treat them is high on my list for a new article for SkinTour. Until I get that written though I'm going to say this again....... you really need a diagnosis of those brown spots from a doctor, preferably a dermatologist.

Here's why!  For example, brown spots can be skin cancers, seborrheic keratoses, lentigoes, moles (many different types), skin tags, stucco keratoses, dermatofibromas, melasma, and many other things.  You all get the idea. Here is more information on lumps, bumps and moles.

It is often impossible to treat a brown spot effectively without an accurate diagnosis in the first place.  For example, if those brown spots are stucco keratoses, you could put lightening/bleaching creams on for years and it wouldn't help at all.  Please, please see your doctors to at least make sure those brown spots aren't skin cancers!!  Dr. I

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