Can I use topical antioxidants or Phoretin CF gel by SkinCeuticals when I get pregnant?

Jan 06, 2013
I am wanting to find a good vitamin C serum. I am anticipating getting pregnant soon, though and I don't want to spend the money if I can use it while I am pregnant. The new Phloretin CF Gel by Skinceuticals is what I would like to try. I know I can use Vit C while pregnanat, but what about the other two ingredients in this product?

As you know, vitamin C is just that, so it's not a problem.  The other two, the phloretin and the ferrulic are plant based extracts and, in general, are safe in pregnancy.  If you have any unusual health problems or concerns though, it a good idea to ask your obstetrician, when you do get pregnant.  Some will give you a list a things they don't want you to use.  Dr. I


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