Can Thermage Or Ultherapy Reduce Wrinkles?

Aug 18, 2011
Have explored different wrinkle reducing methods and do not like the idea of fillers, injections, laser or facelifts. Is Ultherapy a sound and effective way to help this issue? I have read about Thermage but read mixed reviews.

Both Ultherapy and Thermage generally do NOT reduce wrinkles. They are intended to tighten and lift slightly. Of the two, Thermage is better, in my opinion. It requires one treatment instead of 3 and is less painful. Results are about the same. The only reason you are seeing more mixed reviews on Thermage is because it has been around so much longer. To learn more, watch a video demonstration of a Thermage treatment.

Ultherapy is relatively new - wait a few years and you’ll see a similar review profile, I’m guessing. The whole key to Thermage is to do it on the right patients and do it well technically. Our patients are happy about 90% of the time. My advice would be to reconsider lasers for wrinkles - particularly the DOT fractionated CO2.

Good luck!

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