Exilis Elite – does it work for crinkly skin on the elbow and arms?

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The following question was submitted on 07/26/2013 at 00:01:28 -------------------------------------------------------------- What are your thoughts on Excilis Best's impact on crinkly skin on the elbow and on the other side of the arm, at the crook where the arm bends? (And in general on the crepey arm skin in general.)

The Exilis Elite is the newer, more powerful model. Despite all the fabulous marketing photos, my opinion is that there isn’t enough data in some of these areas to conclude much yet. There is more data on the face, neck and abdomen. If money is no object, then the worst thing that would happen is you would waste your money and time.


In my opinion, it’s better to wait about a year for more data to accumulate on effectiveness on some body areas – is it affected by age, weight, amount of sun damage, which treatment parameters are most effective, and how many treatments are optimal, etc.


Dr. I


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