How can I tell if my rosacea medication is working?

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Hi, Im 49, I consider to be very handsome but started to ave Rosacea on my face. My Doctor made a biopsia and he asid it was rosácea. I ve been taking Granudoxy once a day for 3 weeks and metrogel twice. A day. I feel extremely tired and I don think Im geting better, malle a little but my sport is so important foro me, but feel very tired. Should I keep up whit the antibiotic and gel? Cause hydrocortizone was better but some say it is worst.

I’m glad you asked because here are some general guidelines about rosacea and medications:

  • If a medication is giving you side effects (like more fatigue or anything else), you should call or see your doctor right away to discuss it;
  • Rosacea medications, especially topicals, can take up to 8-12 weeks to really work so that you see a difference
  • Hydrocortisone, or any other steriod), is NOT good to use on rosacea.  It makes is temporarily look better (less red), but over time it makes the rosacea worse, sometimes much worse!
  • Once you have rosacea, you will have it for many years.  Once you are better, it’s important to keep using your gel/cream etc. to help prevent recurrences.
  • Be sure to go over all of the lifestyle triggers (too much coffee, alcohol, especially red wine, and all the rest), and reduce or eliminate as many as you can.  There seems to be a link between what we drink/eat and rosacea and many people. (more on rosacea here)

Hope this helps, Dr. I