Is microdermabrasion okay after Sculptra injections (or other fillers)?

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Is it okay to have microdermabrasion after one or two Sculptra injections? Thanks!

Generally yes, but wait until you’ve finished the 5-7 day massage period that is needed after a Sculptra treatment.More on Sculptra.     The same goes for hyaluronic based (HA) fillers – it’s fine but wait a week or so for the product to finish maturing or stabilizing.  Most HA fillers absorb water from your own tissue and expand some over the first few days to a week.   They also can sometimes move just slightly due to the action of your own facial  muscles. 

The reason is that microdermabrasion affects only the outer layer (even with the litte bit of pulling involved), the epidermis, while fillers are positioned more deeply either in the dermis, subcutaneously or even on the bone.  

 Hope this helps,  Dr. I