Is there a non-surgical way to shorten the distance between nose and mouth?

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Dr. Irwin, as I\'ve aged, the distance from my nose to lip has lengthened and my lips have also flattened. Is there a non-surgical way to shorten the appearance between nose and mouth, and to make my upper lip go up and out so they\'re not so flat looking?

The answer to this is yes ……..but depending on the exact anatomy.  You didn’t tell me how old you are.  If you’re 80, it will be much harder than if you are 50.  The bony structure of the face changes as we age (nicely documented in several recently published MRI studies), and there is a rotation of the bone that occurs in addition to loss of fat and loss of structure of the skin itself.  The older we get, the harder it is to improve this.

You will need an expert dermatologist or plastic surgeon for this.  If the appropriate filler is placed very deeply (on the bone) and at the right angle in the triangle at the base of the nose, it will lift the angle and shorten it.  Don’t use Radiesse for this.  Juvederm/Restylane or Sculptra is better.  Then a combination of fractionated CO2 laser alone or with Thermage will tighten the skin on the upper lip a little to help shorten it.  Then Juvederm can be used to turn up the upper lip a little and recreate the two small ridges that run from the cupid’s bow up to the nose.    I hope this helps.  Dr. I