Is there a way to fix a small hole on the face?

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About 15 years ago (I am 56)I had some Electrolysis to remove hair from my upper lip area. During one of my treatments the operator missed the hair follicle and created a small hole in my skin. Over time the "hole" has gotten bigger. Is there anything that can be done to fix or at least minimize this "hole"? It's really bothering me now. Thanks for any help you can offer, LuAnne

If you have a good dermatologist, the best way is to have her/him use a tool called a "punch."  These come in different sizes starting at about 1.5 millimeters.  The spot is numbed first and then a punch just a hair larger than the hole is used to remove the enlarged pore.  A couple of tiny stitches are put in and it usually heals very nicely with the pore gone.  The scar is so tiny it’s not very visible.  Be prepared to pay out of pocket for this.  Insurance companies usually consider it "cosmetic" and not covered.  Dr. I