Is this hydroquinone product okay to use around the eyes?

Nov 20, 2010
I have a question regarding Hydroquinone. I asked my dermatologist about the dark circles under my eyes and also a few brown spots I had. He recommended 8% hydroquinone in 0.01% retisol, to be used twice a day. I am finding that it seems to make my skin more sensitive and I have been getting these red itchy spots. Will this pass or is this product maybe too strong. Any recommendations for these problems that may be better than this. I am 54 years old. Thanks

In my opinion, this compounded 8% cream with retinol is WAY too strong to use around the eyes.  I'm surprised you are not completely red, itchy and puffy.  You must have very tough skin!  Consider a eyelid treatment with the DEKA DOT laser and use an eyelid sunscreen every single day like the Dermatologica Total Eye Care.   Dr. I

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