I’ve lost a lot of weight. How do I refill the volume I’ve lost in my face?

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I am a 53 year old woman who has lost 70 pounds. I lost the weight a little too fast and now it is showing in my face. My face is too thin looking and it has lost a lot of volume. What would you suggest to make my face look full again? Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Congratulations on meeting your weight loss goal! When we are young, our skin has more elasticity and will literally bounce back better after a big weight change. You’re right that it’s a little harder at age 53 for your skin to literally tighten back up on its own.


I think though that this is too complicated to answer without you seeing a doctor because it really depends on whether you really have adequate bone and fat pads and if the skin is just quite loose, in which case your best option might really be plastic surgery. Or whether your skin tone is really pretty good and you just need some replacement for the underlying fat you lost in the form of fillers. And, sometimes it’s both. I would recommend that you get not one, but several opinions – at least 1 from a good aesthetically oriented dermatologist and another from plastic surgeon. If their opinions are really different, consider getting a third opinion.


Take your time! The biggest mistake I see in your situation is getting impatient and not doing careful research. Good luck to you!   Dr. B I


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