Pigment under the arms and on the inner thighs – what can I do?

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Hi there, I have a question about skin discoloration under my arms and on the inside of my upper thighs. I'm guessing that this is from my skin rubbing on itself. For the last few years I've been lifting weights regularly and have noticed that as my legs have become more muscular - the skin on the upper part of my inner thigh has darkened. Are there any over-the-counter products that you would recommend to lighten this area? Would it be best to see a dermatologist and get a product that is prescription strength? Thanks for your input, and I LOVE skintour!

You bring up a couple of good points.  First, increased pigment can occur lots of other places besides the face and second, it can be just as annoying and cause self consciousness!   Sometimes increased pigment in those areas IS just the result of rubbing but sometimes it’s related to other more serious problems.  Please see your doctor and be evaluated, at the very minimum, for early diabetes, thyroid problems, and other hormonal changes that can cause increased pigment in these areas. 

If it turns out it’s just due to rubbing, your doctor may prescribe something for you but also really try to protect the area – sometimes vaseline or a body butter applied first helps and make sure your clothes fit well (spandex is much better than shorts, for example).    Hope this helps.  Dr. I