That Dr. Oz episode with Radiesse for jowls.

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Dr. Oz had a cosmetic dermotologist on yesterday addressing the issue of jowls- uck! She treated a woman on the show with RADIESSE- instant results and lasts up to 1 1/2 years. Was really quite amazing and was wondering what your thoughts are on this. Thank-you Dr. Irwin! Connie

This episode was a few weeks ago but I thought it was interesting.  I generally don’t like Radiesse in the cheeks because I think it looks too stiff and a little wooden when the face is smiling, talking, etc.   I use the higher molecular weight Juvederm Plus or Perlane fillers in the cheeks and at the jawline and nothch.   But …… I like the idea of Radiesse in this particular location along the jaw bone (mandible) because it’s fairly firm (like a soft cartilage) and it’s being laid right down next to the bone.  It reinforces the boney contour there which makes more sense to me than the cheek.   I will work with it in that location and let you know what I think in a few months.

As far as how long it lasts? Take that 18 month estimate with a large grain of salt.  In most of my patients who’ve had Radiesse with other doctors, the average has been more like 6-12 months.  Dr. I