What anti-aging products might work with rosacea and sensitive skin?

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Like most people with rosacea, I can't tolerata AHAs or vitamin A derivatives. I've used sunblock religiously for years, but even so, at 40, I'm starting to see fine lines and sagging skin. Are there any anti-aging treatments available to people with rosacea?

I love to hear that you’re regular with your sunscreen!!  Here are some products to consider and two other options.   What about the TNS recovery with antioxidants, peptides and cell growth factors?  This product is expensive but most people think it’s worth it.

Also, there are 2 very gentle, less expensive options in the Topix Replenix green tea 90% extract in the cream base (not the serum) or the Dermaquest Vit C/lipoic serum (not drying). Save money on your cleansers and moisturizers but not on your anti-aging products.  The cheap stuff just isn’t worth it. Anyone can have a reaction to any product so if something is irritating, stop using it! Check out all of my anti-aging and wrinkle repair product recommendations.

For fine lines and a little sagging at age 40, consider Thermage or Ulthera for the sagging and 3 Fraxels for the fine lines.  More expensive but also more effect than products alone.   Dr. I