What are these bumps on my chin?

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Dear Doctor, I believe I have the condition that you refer to as "cobble chin", but when I look at pictures that show people who have this condition they sometimes say it looks like dimpling. My condition under my chin actually looks like small bumps under my skin. They do not hurt and they give me no problems. If I pull in my lips (tightening the skin on my chin) they actually disappear. What is the best way to treat this condition? Sincerely, Donna

A common complaint is a bumpy texture on the chin area.  Here are the 3 most common causes. 

1) The first is old acne scarring.  Some people have their most severe acne on their chins and over time there is a accumulation of small depressions.  These are best treated by controlling the acne first and then either a Fraxel or fractionated CO2 laser to make the skin smoother.

 2)  The second is small whitish to yellowish bumps called sebaceous hyperplasia.  These are oil glands that enlarge over time to create small elevations. These are best treated with cautery (a small electric pen) or a laser like the two mentioned above.

 3)  Loss of the fat pad of the chin through aging.  Sometimes this is referred to as "orange peel" or a "cobblestone"appearance.  I’m sure there are other names too.  It looks almost like a type of cellulite.  This is best treated with a few drops of Botox to reduce the underlying muscle action that accentuates it or filling in where the fat pad was with a little filler like Juvederm/Restylane.  I don’t recommend surgical chin implants for this problem. Dr. I