What is better for antiaging-Thermage or Fraxel?

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What is the best anti aging for face & neck ... thermage or fraxel. I'd like to prevent or improve sagging and wrinkles. My eyelids are bad and I'm starting to get wrinkles over my lips. I've been using Botox & restylane but am thinking after reading your article that Sculptra may be better.

This depends on many factors like your age, the amount of sagging you have, severity of wrinkles, and your facial contours, etc.   As a general guideline, if you are under 45ish  and you want tightening, Thermage is better.  If you want to target more fine to medium wrinkles, texture or brown spots, Fraxel is better.  Over 45 if you have wrinkles, you may want to consider the CO2 laser which will tighten some and address wrinkles and texture at the same time.   Dr. I