What is the best treatment for pigmentation issues on the face?

Dec 11, 2012
I've pigmentation on my face. May i know , what the best treatment for pigmentation.

Dear Reader - 

How wish there was a simple answer to this question and I know you and millions of other women would like one too. To answer, please remember that there are many different causes of pigment on the face and you must know the cause (your diagnosis) because it's the only way that treatment will be effective. So........ do you have melasma (more hormonal and pregnancy), sun damage spots (lentingines) or blotches, more raised brown growths (seborrheic keratoses), certain medications or spots that are post acne or after other rashes/ irritations?? And then there are some rarer internal causes like adrenal gland problems. Some women have 2 or 3 of these problems together. Most causes of pigmentation are light/sun activated. Notice I didn't say just sun - but natural LIGHT!!

Once you know what you have, then it's easier for you and your dermatologist to figure out treatment. "Bleaching creams," for example, can help some pigment problems but do nothing or very little for others problems. ALL treatment plans for pigmentation require sun and light protection and I really recommend double layering your sunscreen. The first one should contain zinc oxide 10% or higher. There are some nice tinted ones now. See SkinTour.com under products for examples. The second layer depends on how much you are outdoors. If you are indoors, a mineral pigment makeup is good or even a tinted moisturizer or makeup with an SPF 15 or higher could be fine. 


I hope this will at least get you started. Good luck to you! Dr. Irwin

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