When to use the Fraxel or the DEKA DOT laser for the eyelid area and/or face?

Jan 20, 2013
Hi Dr. I, You have mentioned Fraxel/DOT as a great way to help with crepiness and cross hatch lines in the eye area. Do you recommend using Fraxel/DOT on the entire face or can you have Fraxel/DOT done just for the eyelid area? I am 37, fair skinned with very few wrinkles, follow a great skin are routine, but have lines under my eyes that cannot be helped with Botox. (I've tried!) Is there a concern with only spot treating the eyes when undergoing a Fraxel/DOT procedure? Thanks! Christie

You're exactly right - both can be used just on the eyelid area.  The Fraxel (both the original and the Dual) have a special tip (FDA approved) for the eyelid area.   Generally, at 37 the Fraxel is an option because there isn't too much laxity in the eyelid skin.  One or two treatments will usually suffice.  It's also fine to do the full face and eyelids at the same treatment. 

From 40-45 up the extra tightening with a CO2 fractionated laser like the DOT may be better.  The tradeoff is a little more downtime.   Treatments can be combined as well.  Sometimes in our office we might do a Fraxel on the eyelids in combination with a full face CO2 or vice versa.  You get the idea I'm sure.  There is a lot of flexibility with these systems.

As for blending, this becomes more of a concern with darker skin types if just the eye area is done, but with a skilled doctor or nurse it's generally not a problem.   More info on eyelid problems.

 Hope this  helps,

 Dr. I

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