Botox and Fillers in Active Women 60-90 Years of Age

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My mother aged 76 years had previously done the Botox treatment which lasted for few moths , then she had undergone treatment injecting her own fat which also lasted for few months , please suggest a good treatment safe, and cheaper and any advice . sunny

Dear Sunny –   I love that you are trying to help your mom and keep her safe.   Surgical risks (mostly from the anesthesia and slower healing) really go up after 70, so we are seeing a trend in women in this age group wanting a fresher look nonsurgically.

Fat always sounds like such a great option because it’s so natural but it doesn’t last either, can be uneven and is quite difficult to do well technically so that it looks good.

Sculptra which can be a very natural look choice in younger age groups, isn’t  as effective older probably because it depends on our own cells to make collagen and those cells aren’t as active at 76.

Generally at 76, volume with a long lasting filler like Voluma for lifting the face and creating more contour is a good choice.   Juvederm/Restylane because they are softer and don’t look stiff are generally good choices around the mouth and lasers which can be done quite safely in this group for wrinkles and some tightening .   Think fractional ablative lasers like the DEKA DOT or Lumenis Active/Deep Fx or Fraxel.    Radiofrequency/Ultrasound devices don’t tend to be effective in this group.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I