Can fillers in the face migrate?

Recently I have heard others express concerns that their injectable fillers "migrated" from the upper face to the lower face. This has me concerned. Is this actually possible, especially for products like Juvederm plus etc? Thank you!

This is my pet peeve with anecdote collecting web sites and there are a few of them out there.    A rare experience gets magnified through fear through the entire webspace!

So yes –  but it’s quite rare  –  and it’s almost always just a few millimeters way one or other.   It would be EXTREMELY unlikely for a filler to migrate from the upper to the lower face.

It’s not that I doubt that the individual is seeing something amiss though………I tend to really believe patients when they see something.   And…..we can always look at the photos before and after.    It’s just that it’s quite likely that something else is causing the problem.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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