Can Juvederm or other HA fillers cause sore throats, fevers or swollen glands?

I tried Juvederm Ultra for the first time about a week ago to plump up the creases around my mouth. I'm now experiencing a mild sore throat and swollen glands right under my jaw in my neck. Is this normal? If so, does it go away? I feel that my body may be reacting slightly to this "foreign substance" but wanted your professional opinion. Thank you.

I’m glad you asked this. Put it this way …………it would be extremely unlikely.   The way the human brain works, it tends to associate things that occur close together in time with being cause and effect.   Much of the time they really aren’t.   Other readers questions and answers regarding problems with fillers. 

Fortunately, the FDA in the U.S. is so restrictive that we have only 3 companies and a handful of products approved here.   This is not the case in Europe, Latin America, Asia, etc. where there are many companies of questionable quality making similar products with many resulting complications.   A deal is not always a deal!!   More on fillers.

It’s much more likely that you have a virus or early strep throat, so please see your doctor!

Hope this helps,  Dr. I


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