Fillers around the eyes – are they safe?

I have just read and enjoyed your book! There was a very small paragraph on putting filler into the channel under the eye to smooth it out which mentions this can be dangerous and may cause blindness - can you tell me any more about this? Many Thanks

I really have to say yes and no.  The eye area is not FDA approved for any filler to my knowledge although it’s often done as an "off-label" use.   This is a tricky area and my concern is that there are doctors, nurses or other providers who are out there injecting around the eyes without the proper training or experience.   You are, by definition, very close to the eye.  I think only very experienced, expert injectors should be working around the eyes and again, remember it’s an "off-label" use. 

When it’s done by an expert injector, using Restylane or Juvederm (the safest fillers), there are only extremely rare cases of problems.  Learn how to find a good doctor in your area.   Dr. I

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