Juvederm Restylane and fillers to contour the nose?

As I aged I noticed I'm getting a dent in the tip of my nose I'm 52 years old is Juvederm or Restylane a good filler to bring back volume in my nose. I heard these liquid nose jobs are good how should be done. Thank you so much for your website it has helped me so much

Here’s the good news on fillers to contour the nose.   Yes……..a filler like Restylane (hyaluronic acid) can be used to contour the nose.   When done well, this can be a good solution to problems where surgery would be overkill, or the surgery caused the problem in the first place.   It also lasts fairly well, and often only needs to be touched up every year or two.

Here’s the bad news.    It’s very dangerous and sometimes painful to inject a filler into the nose.   It’s dangerous because there is an artery there that, if it gets accidentally blocked, could in the worst case cause blindness or permanent loss of skin around the nose with scarring.

This is an off-label (not FDA approved), EXPERTS only area.   Only hyaluronic acid fillers should be used (no Radiesse, Artefill, silicone, etc) because HA fillers are the only ones that can be reversed/corrected if the problem above occurs.    This is NOT an area for anyone who’s been injecting for less than 10 years, in my opinion.

Hope this helps on your question about Restylane and Juvederm fillers to contour the nose,

Dr. Irwin

Fillers to contour the nose

Fillers to contour the nose

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