How to deal with large red veins around the nose?

I have veins showing in my nose. I have very little to no caffeine to try to minimize them, but as I age they are bigger and can't hide them. I never drink any alcohol and this is genetic on my father's side. What time of surgery is affordable for this since my research tells me this is my only option.

These enlarge with time, irritation around the nose and rosacea for the most part.   Pulsed dye lasers and powerful IPLs (NOT the ones sold to spas) are best for these.   A Nd:YAG laser (NOT Q-switched or for hair) vascular laser is helpful for larger veins as well.   In my opinion, KTP lasers are not great for this area – some would disagree.

Expect 2-4 treatments to shrink these vessels down to an almost invisible size.   With time –  THEY WILL COME BACK!!    Plan on maintenance once every year or two and a few people may even need twice a year, especially with poorly controlled rosacea.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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