I’m 10 – could I have melasma – what can I do?

how can i cure melasma (10 years old )at home naturally?Specially using lemon

Oh sweetheart I feel so badly that you are having to try to deal with this on your own. I’m not even sure that you do have melasma since 10 would be quite young to get this. I’m guessing you are having a problem with some dark blotches on your face. In someone your age, it is more likely to be irritation or eczema though, rather than melasma which usually starts after menstrual periods start.


I’m also guessing you don’t have easy access to a skin doctor. I think the lemon juice would be too irritating and would probably make the problem worse. Here are some safe home things to try but if you can, please see a doctor.


  • Don’t scrub your skin – I know it’s tempting but it will make it worse;
  • Instead use a very gentle cleanser and put a moisturizer on it before bed – even vaseline or olive oil is good as long as you don’t have acne;
  • Try to get a sunscreen to use each morning –  I’ve even had people use the really inexpensive zinc paste (usually 20%) that you can find in the baby section (used for diaper rash) at the drugstore. Don’t use this if you have acne though.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat – the key is to keep your face out of the sun if you can.
  • It usually takes a couple of months to get better.


Hope this helps, good luck and keep me posted!   Dr. I


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