Can injections get rid of horizontal lines or wrinkles below the nose?

Are there any injections that can get rid of the horizontal lines or wrinkles below the nose?

Bottom line – sometimes with Botox/Dysport injections these horizontal lines or wrinkles below the nose can be eliminated.

Wrinkles Below the Nose

Wrinkles Below the Nose

Try this.   Wrinkle your nose up like you are smelling something nasty.   There are little muscles that run up the side of the nose that do this.   If those are relaxed, generally the muscle won’t pull up and that horizontal line will improve.   The only problem is that in some people who have a smile where the upper lip doesn’t show the teeth much, this could drop the upper lip a little more.   Have your doctor try this very cautiously the first time because you may not like what it does to your smile.

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