Nutrition, dairy, sugar and skin

Hello Dr. Irwin, I am reading more and more articles online regarding the consumption of dairy products and the link with acne and/or skin ageing. How true is this? I am aware that a diet high in sugar can degrade collagen, but dairy is a new one I'm reading about. I'd love to know your opinion on this, thank you, Laura.

Ok –  so there’s a lot said on the web about nutrition, dairy, sugar and skin that isn’t true, it’s just someone’s opinion.   We all know that.   Also, nutritional fads come and go.  Think about all the ones YOU”VE seen come and go.   But, here are some things that are true!

Our skin in an organ in our body …….in fact the largest organ in our body!!  It’s is metabolically (means cells are working) active just like your liver, or brain, or kidneys.    There is now  LOT of actual evidence that refined sugar is not good for any of us, therefore it is not good for your skin.   But….it doesn’t actually degrade collagen.  I don’t know of any study that supports this statement.   Please correct me nutritionists out there, if you have a study.

On the diary issue, there is a school of thought (NOT proven) that dairy products increase inflammation in the body.   Where is the proof for this if you are not actually allergic??   One theory is that it’s a cow based product but………..have you ever noticed that that same group often eats beef (also cow) and doesn’t have any problem with it?   And how is inflammation being measured?   And, is there a difference between probiotic rich dairy (like yoghurt and certain cheeses) and milk?      I don’t know that that we know this!   If you all have answers, please write me.

Hope this helps on nutrition, dairy, sugar and skin!  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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