Sculptra and autoimmune diseases

I am wanting to try sculptra and feel it will bring me the results I am looking for. I am 49 and have been having a lot of stiffness in several of my joints.... I have not been checked for rheumatoid arthritus, but am worried about the warnings of using sculptra with RA. Why is it not allowed and what can happen?

This question about Sculptra and autoimmune diseases is a little complicated, but I’ll try to explain simply.   The reason is that in certain autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis and sarcoid, for example, there is already a tendency for the disease itself to form bumps (nodules) in the skin.   There are other diseases that can do this also.

Sculptra, if it isn’t used correctly…… OR the person getting the treatment  already has a tendency to make nodules …..can make it more likely to get those bumps (nodules).   The nodules aren’t something anyone wants and can take a while, as in months or even years, to go away.

So in general, best to stay away from Sculptra if you have one of those autoimmune diseases.   It’s easy to be checked for that though…’s just a blood test.  It’s a good idea to go and be checked by your doctor so you know for sure.

Hope this helps,   Dr. I

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Dr Irwin with patient

Dr Irwin with patient

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