Should I have an IPL treatment in June? I’m going on vacation in July.

-------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dr. Irwin!! I am planning on having an IPL treatment in June. Is this a good idea since summer is fast approaching?? I will be diligent with sunscreen but is it worth it? I will be at

There are really two issues here.  Is it safe?  And is it worth it?   On the safety issue first, as long as you don’t have melasma, are a lighter skin type and really use your sunscreen and hats, you should be fine.

Whether it’s worth it depends on money and time partly.  If you’re budget is tight, wait until fall and then the IPL will help with the sun spots (lentigoes) you have now, the ones you get this summer (no sunscreen is perfect!), and any dilated blood vessels.  If you were planning to have a series anyway or money is no object, then it doesn’t matter so much.  Hope this helps!  Dr. I

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