Should I use Renova during the summer?

Dr Irwin Should i be using renova during the summer?

If you have an indoor job and really aren’t outside much in the summer, it’s fine to keep using it. If you are outdoors frequently, I usually recommend stopping or cutting back on use for the summer or for sunny vacations.

The reason? The skin has 3 layers – the outer dead layer (stratum corneum), the “barrier” layer where the pigment making cells live (epidermis) and the deep layer where the collagen, elastic fibers, blood vessels, etc. are (the dermis).   Renova thins only the outer dead layer a little.  The dead layer acts as part of our sun protection which is why Renova makes us a little more sun sensitive.   So if you are using it during the summer be sure to wear your sunscreen!   Dr. I

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