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I had Juvederm put in my lips. The doctor said I could use a little more but with it being so expensive he said he was going to put some botox around my lips to see if it gave me the look I wanted before I bought more Juvederm. What do you think?

They really do completely different things.  Generally, the Juvederm fills the lips themselves, supports around the lips and can fill in the wrinkles and lines around the lips depending on... more

Hello from Israel. Sorry for not smiling, I used to be a very happy smiling person before my Botox catastrophy. A month and a half ago I received Botox injections on my forehead/brows, crows feet and without my permission the Dr injected under my lower eyelids. My cheeks dropped, making me look 10 years older at least, and many vertical lines under my eyes that were not there before appeared. The process also changed the appearance of my nose. Please explain to me what happened, and what I can do. I'm in agony. I'm 39 years old and used to look really good. I have three little kids and am trying to keep myself alive. Thank you in advance. Keren

First of all, I'm so sorry that you had this happen to you.  I know that all of our hearts go out to you while reading this.    I would like to send you some encouragement because while you... more

I am 78 tears old and have deep upper lip lines. Would botox work for me?

To make a long story short -  no!!   Botox in the upper lip lines softens them a little.  But at 78, my guess is that you probably have moderately deep ones (normal!).  In your case, a... more

I have deep upper lip lines that have been sucessfully treated with botox and juvederm. One nurse says to do the botox first and then the juvederm. Another says to do the juvederm first and then the botox treatment. Which is better? Thank you.
In general, it doesn't matter.  You'll get good results either way.  Remember that Botox takes about 5-7 days to take effect so you won't see that at the treatment anyway.   One advantage... more

I am 27 years old and have had botox done for my crow's feet and glabellar lines 3 times to date. I was however not satisfied with the results, and I have even noticed that the lines around my left eye have actually grown deeper since I started treatment. I would like to know what is the normal dose for a patient of my age and what is the highest recommended dose that should not be exceeded per eye. Thank you for taking the time to look into my query.

You raise an interesting question.   At age 27, I'm guessing you really don't have actual frown lines or crow's feet but maybe just a hint of them when your face makes certain movements. ... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, If one has RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)and/or fibromyalgia, are there any additional risks to having IPL? What about Botox or the filler injectables? Thank you for your time. Carrie
All three of these treatments are generally so safe that they are compatible with most medical problems.  It is important though to check with your doctor - in your case probably your... more

Hi Dr.Irwin, I'm an afro-american woman 59 years old I'm looking into having Juvaderm done for smile lines and botox for my forehead. Do women of color often have these procedures done? Will smoking affect the outcome? I'm really trying to quit. Thanks Linda
The short answer is yes!  In general, pigmentation problems or any problems (other than the usual - see links to Botox and Juvederm), make these products very safe for African American... more

Hello Dr Irwin, I could really do with your advice. I have recently had botox for the second time. Both times my eyebrows have dropped! Help! I'm 34 years old and just had botox between my brows and above them, but not up into my forehead. Above my eyebrows is now smooth, but the brows have dropped and are 'crowding' my eyes. Both my eyes are very hooded making me look tired and angry! I went to a good doctor and the second time he did two less injections than the first to avoid this. Why has this happened, and am I just a poor candidate for botox? Thankyou Claire.x

Usually with Botox, it's a placement and/or dose problem. What's tricky about Botox is that we are all individuals and our facial muscle activity is not always the same.  That's why it... more

Dr. Irwin, I received my first Botox injection about 4 weeks ago. My first injection was about 25 units spread over my forehead and 11 lines and 3 on each of my crows feet. I returned because My 11 lines were still very prominent as were some other wrinkles in my forehead. This time I received another 30 units. After two weeks I couldn't tell a difference and returned today where she says she injected another 30 units into my forehead, but said she couldn't do anything about my 11 lines. 90 units of Botox seems excessive to me as I am only 35 years old. Do you think she is diluting the Botox or is this normal to take this many unit to correct my lines?

Generally, and I'm sure other Dermatologists would say this also, the first dose of approximately 25 units is quite reasonable and will be in the ballpark for many younger women for the... more

Hello Dr. Irwin love the site :) Botox question here. Is it possible to relax the forehead lines AND create a brow lift at the same time? If does this work? Thank you in advance for your answer and this great site, you are appreciated!

Yes ...... but only to a certain point.  Many people who have 'hooding' (that excess skin) of the upper eyelid, use the forehead muscle (the frontalis) to pull up the eyebrows.  By... more

I've been injecting Botox for patients for a few years with very good results. Recently a petient returned after her treatment with a horizontal line above the bridge of her nose which was more prominent after the Botox treatment.The forehead and 11 lines of the glabella are fine. What would you suggest. Thanks, Dr Steve W
Dr. Steve -  As a doctor you are always welcome to call my office number and ask my staff to take a message.  I'm happy to call you to discuss also.   In general, if that horizontal line at... more

I've been injecting botox for patients for a few years with very good results. Recently a petient returned after her treatment with a horizontal line above the bridge of her nose which was more prominent after the botox treatment.The forehead and 11's lines of the glabella are fine.What would you suggest .Thanks, Dr Steve W
Dr. Steve -  As a doctor you are always welcome to call my office number and ask my staff to take a message.  I'm happy to call you to discuss also.   In general, if that horizontal line at... more

Hello Dr Irwin, I have booked an appointment to have Botox injected into my forehead for the first time. When I spoke to the Doctor she said that there was a 20% chance of drooping of my eyes if I didn't get another injection between my eyes also. Is this true? Andrea
Wow - maybe this was a misunderstanding? ? It's hard to know if that' s what she really meant. A Botox injection between your eyes won't droop your eyelids.  And as for droopy eyelids, most... more

I've been happy with Botox injections on the "11's" for several years. But recently I noticed that to the outside of one injected line, I get a raised puffy area when I smile. It creates a visible vertical line that to me looks much worse than the original wrinkle. I have an appointment with my doctor but while I am waiting for that am wondering if this is from another muscle compensating for the original and what might be done about it. The other side of the forehead is nice and flat but this raised area is very upsetting.

The muscles that causes the "11s" frown lines are the corrugator muscles - one on each side. Their anatomy actually varies more than you would think from person to person.  Some people have... more

Hi Dr Irwin, Can you please tell me if Thermage or radio frequency treatment can be performed if you have had had Botox within a month? I was about to have a radio frequency treatment and when my therapist realized I had recently had Botox, she said I have to wait 4 months to have the treatment as the paralyzed muscle would become irritated from the increased collagen... Is this correct? I have read your article about Thermage and you only mention to avoid dermal fillers and Sculptura... Regards Sharon, Perth Western Australia

She's not correct on this one.  Botox is injected into muscles and binds there within about 6 hours.  Most doctors tell their patients to be moderately careful for 24 hours or so - ie don't... more

I just had Dysport injections a few days ago. Both of my brows are considerably lower, and both eyelids are droopy as well. Although that is a problem in itself, the more important situation, is my right eyelid is drooping so much that it is covering my eye! My neighbor said it looks like I've had a stroke! Is there anything at all that I can do to reverse this and if not, how long will I have to suffer with it?
Okay - I don't want to sound like a nag but........ have you called your doctor???  He/she is the person who needs to hear about this!   And, yes there are things to help you with this... more

I had a Botox treatment a week ago and I really don''t like it... Is there a way to make it go away faster and how long is it going to take to wear off?

One of my pet peeves is over Botoxing.  It seems to me that many injectors really have a heavy hand and often less is better!  Sometimes much less!

In your situation, you just have let the ... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, I've found your website very informative. I appreciate all your posts and articles, they have been quite helpful. I have one question I would like to ask though. I am a man and I have been considering fillers and a good maintenance program so that I can stay looking as young and fresh as possible for as long as possible. So my main concern is going to a qualified doctor that knows the appropriate way to administer fillers to a masculine face and keep it looking masculine and not "enhanced" or "feminine". I say this because I see men that look like they have been overdone and that isn't the look I'm going for. I'm guessing you are informed about the medical community and who does good work with men in keeping them young and fresh so I had to ask who you might recommend me to go see to have these procedures, or Botox and dermal fillers. The goal for me is to retain my natural features and prevent further wrinkles and restore the fullness to my face lost from years of exercise and of course sagging from age. Any suggestion on a doctor in the Orange County or Los Angeles area that is qualified and known for working well with men and keeping their facial features masculine would be greatly appreciated. Doctor, thank you again for your informative and educational articles and I look forward to hearing your input. In Health, M

You raise a good point.  There are some facial characteristics that are culturally labelled masculine or feminine traditionally.   So if the doctor doing your work isn't sensitive to that,... more

I live in chicago and am trying to find and "artist" who is good with all fillers, botox etc. I am a redhead and I have had a fat transfer where placement is not ideal. It is important to have someone who can help with volume and poor skin tone(large pores, fine lines etc.). I am 48 and my skin looks much older than it should. I have had some great things done and some bad things done and would like to just find one person to work with in all areas. Thank you

This is such a tough one and I know women all over the country/world are struggling with this right now. I think demand for high quality services in this "new beauty" area has outstripped... more

I had botox on my forehead and the results were fantastic however, the np talked me into it for my marionette lines instead of restylin becaue they are tiny. One week later and one side of my lower lip is a bit paraylized and achy. Is there anything you know of to decrease this besides exercising the muscle?
No, unfortunately, you are stuck with this one until it wears off.  Trying to activate the muscles involved frequently may help a little. Please see my article on Botox Mistakes and How to... more

I had 60 units of dysport injected a week ago in my forehead/between my brows for the first time. I am very unhappy with what seems like the bridge of nose being widened making my eyes seem wideset and the lids are heavy. My forehead feels like cement and my eyes kind of ache. Do you think the distorted look of my eyes and nose will resolve?

To reassure you, the effects of Dysport/Botox are temporary and will resolve.  It's difficult to predict the time frame but in general it takes 3-6 months to wear off completely.  You may... more

At a recent consultation re forehead wrinkles the surgeon told me that he did not recommend injecting the forehead only. Instead he suggested injecting in the middle of my brow and forehead as this gave more control. He said with forehead only the botox would defuse and I might end up with wonky eyebrows. Is what he suggests a real risk or and I being swindled into having 2 areas done and therefore paying double??

This is why I don't like the "area" method of billing for Botox.  You don't really know, do you?  If the Botox is billed by volume (we do it this way) or units (many offices), then you know... more

I had 60 units of dysport injected a week ago in my forehead/between my brows for the first time. I am very unhappy with what seems like the bridge of nose being widened making my eyes seem wideset and the lids are heavy. My forehead feels like cement and my eyes kind of ache. Do you think the distorted look of my eyes and nose will resolve?

First, let me reassure you.  It will go away but it may take 2-4 weeks before it feels substantially better.  If you are female, in my opinion, 60 units is WAY too much.   Botox and... more

Is it safe to have thermage done around 2 days after botox for crow's fleet and forehead lines? Will it cause the migration of botox to other regions and thus causing complication or ineffectiveness?

It's fine to do the Thermage the next day even after Botox.  It doesn't take the Botox long to bind to the proper receptors at the junction between the nerve fiber and the muscle.  And,... more

I am 40 years old and move constantly because of my husband's job (military). I had a total of 4 Botox treatments in my life, 2 of those were here in Washington in the same office, however, the second time i had it done i was not completely satisfied with the results. I was told i was given the same 40 units i got last time. I am due now for my next treatment and am looking for other offices. Basically i get Botox in the following areas: Frown, eyes, forehead, and nose, and the price i have been paying for 40 units is $500.00. Is it possible to have these same areas treated at your office for this amount of money? . I live in Lacey and my the dermatologist office is in this same city.
Please just call our office directly on this: (206)215-6600.  You can also learn more at  Dr.... more

I am interested in having Thermage done, but I just had botox done two weeks ago. Would it be wise to wait 6 months before having this done?

You're fine having the Thermage done anytime.  Occasionally we will do them 1 day apart if we have someone coming from Alaska, for example.  Botox is injected into the muscle and it binds... more

HI Dr. I, I wonder if you can tell me why certain areas such as the eyes (one in particular) would require so much Botox relative to the rest of the areas/face? What would you consider \"a lot\" of botox (units) for the crows feet on one side? I\'m 40 years old and I have been getting botox for about a year. I have tried different doctors (just 2)but the results have been similar? Thank you for your time.

This is a good question but it's a little hard to answer without seeing you.  Let's take crows feet, for example.  I have some women in their 30-40s who have very active muscles here and... more

Here are some tips for quick relief, always nice for the holidays:

Use your moisturizer 3-4 times a day instead of twice. You'll be amazed!  Moisturizer Recommendations.

Go have a

... more

Hi Dr.I- I have sun spots that I manage with IPL treatments and the hydroquinone 4% and I love Botox for my crows feet. I just found out I am pregnant-8 weeks (completely unexpected) and I just had an IPL and botox prior to finding out. How damaging can that be? I love your site and appreciate your time. Thank you.

Okay ......... let's take these one by one.  The IPL is just light on the surface of the skin. and I have never any reports of pregnancy related problems.  We do not treat pregnant women... more

Dear Dr.I, Why would botox wear off in a month? I have done botox on my forehead and crows feet in the past and it lasts 3-5 months. I just had the squint lines (between the eyebrows and I realize my lines are back???? Why would it last such little time? Thank you

I'm glad you asked this because there are several different reasons.  I'm assuming you went to your usual doctor and that they are mixing the Botox the same way each time.  If the dilution... more

Should one wait until your Botox has relaxed and all fillers out when you decide to have a facelift, so that the doctor can tell how much skin to lift?

I think it makes sense to let the more temporary fillers like Juvederm/Restylane/Perlane - all the hyaluronic acid fillers -  wear off so you can get the optimum result from the surgery. ... more

I found your site searching for solutions to Botox mistakes, I had injections in the chin area which gave me a lopsided smile. It is not apparent if not smiling but has caused me not to smile anymore. When should this effect wear off and is there anything that can be done to fix this? I went to a plastic surgeon and trusted he knew how to do this, I initially went for the forehead area but he talked me into the chin to help raise the corners of the mouth and fix a dimpled chin. I\'m worried thinking this is permanent, it has been 10 days since the injections. Please let me know if there is help, i would fly to your office if you can correct this. Thank you!

I wish I had a magic wand for you, could just wave it and this would go away fast.  But first let me reassure you.  This is NOT permanent!  It will go away but it could take anywhere from 2... more

I had a neck lift 5 years ago, bands tightened too. One side still has some loose skin under my chin, (he did not pull it tight enough on my bad side) the surgeons response was I will fix it when you get a face lift. Well I am 50 and still do not need one. what can I do to tighten this small piece of skin under my chin on one side. I am tired of waiting and looking at it.

It sounds to me like you're talking about a platysmal band(s) which are the vertical bands running from the chin down onto the neck????  If so, consider having your dermatologist inject a... more

Do you do Botox in armpits for excessive sweating? How much is they typical cost?

We do offer Botox injections for armpit sweating and our patients love it!  I would only recommend it though if your sweating is really interfering with your life.  For example, if you... more

Hi Dr. I- I had Botox on the bunny lines and under the eyes. I have been back four times for the follow up because my left side hasn\'t really changed at all. One side/right side is great-smooth and wrinkel free after the 2nd treatment. The doctor said I had strong muscles on the left side and thought #4 would do the trick. It\'s been 7 days since that treatment and it looks the same. Is that normal? I plan to make another appointment but why would one side require so much more than the other side????

Since I don't know what you looked like before and I don't know exactly what was done, I can't really comment.  But as a general rule, it doesn't make sense to me that one side is... more

Dr. Irwin, I have been a regular visitor to your website since hearing you on Paula Beguon\'s radio show. I feel like I can\'t go wrong having the both of you in my corner. I\'d really like to pursue getting dermal fillers. However, you have not included any Virginia cosmetic dermatologists on your \'trusted\' listing. I did take a virtual tour of the Washington D.C. \'trusted\' facility because I reside in Northern Virginia. What makes me hesitant about the D.C. facility is that they list so many things they specialize in. I\'ve read almost every blog you\'ve responded to and what stays with me the most is your insistence that it all goes back to the injector and his/her skill. I don\'t see how anyone can be skilled in so many procedures? Any suggestions? Linda

Thank you!!!  As you all know, I am revising the regional guide but it's SLOOOOW because I feel like I need to check possible additions with several different sources.  In Virginia, I'm... more

Does the use of botox or dermal fillers have any potential to slow down the deepening of existing wrinkles?

Yes!!!  If the wrinkle is being caused by an over active corrugator muscle (the "frown" muscle), then relaxing the muscle with Botox will not only make the lines improve but also prevents... more

Botox: per area or per unit cost? I\'ve read in California MD\'s charge per area. Other parts of the country per unit. Please comment. Thank you.

Please look back in the July posts!   I did a fairly detailed explanation of the different ways offices do this.  I can't remember the exact date but it was in the past couple of weeks.... more

If I have sarcoid, is it safe to have botox injections for wrinkles? I can\'t find anything on here about that. Thank you so much.

I do not know of any data prohibiting Botox Cosmetic use with sarcoid.  Having said that though, we are all individuals and our reactions to products can be very individual.  I would... more

Botox pricing: Having a discussion with friends on the cost of botox. My MD charges by the area. On the, many derms, plastic surgeons comment. Some say they charge by area, some or most by unit. What do you think? Is unit pricing more transparent and accurate or by area? Thank you.

Okay -  so this is where I really disagree with the vast majority of doctors who inject Botox, many of whom do an excellent job.  I don't do either - at my office we charge by volume based... more

I had botox approx six weeks ago, I had an injection between the eye area and still see the prick from the needle, there is also one side of my face at the corner of my left eye toward the ridge of my nose that has a bump that almost feels like cartilidge, could that happen as a result of botox and if so what do I do? I really need help and would appreciate your response.

Please, please, please call your doctor who did the Botox injections!!  I can't emphasize enough the importance of following up with him/her.   The doctor who did the procedure is the only... more

Should botox or other injectables be done before or after thermage?

Since the purpose of Thermage is to tighten a little, maintain the jawline and eyebrow position, and build collagen, the timing of Botox with it really isn't important.   But, if you're... more

Dr Irwin i am a african american 68 years old reasonable good health and i have this horizontal line between both eyes which causes one to not look pleasnt i also have those cooma on the side of face or labia and question is this i keloid and i am wondering if it botox would cause big problem for me i would so badly like to have just a little something done for me oh my what a life lift that would be thanks warmly

Dear Fran - 

 Good question.  Fortunately, the answer is no (or let's just say 99.9% no) is doesn't cause keloids.  There are several reasons for this.  First, we get less prone to keloids... more

I had botox done on my forward and for crows feet around my eyes. However, one side of my face looks paralyzed and my mouth goes to one side when I talk. Does this suggest that more was injected into one side than the other? thanks leann
THIS IS NOT A GOOD RESULT!  I know I don't need to tell you this.  If your mouth isn't moving normally, it's almost always because your provider injected in an area around the lower edge of... more

The advice I usually here is to see a "cosmetic or plastic surgeon" rather than a dermatologist for many of the procedures you recommend. Besides being more costly, why wouldn't I see what seems to be a more skilled physician when I'm thinking about altering my face. I know that they do do botox, and laser resurfacing, etc. I'm quite confused about the best physician. Thanks, Janis

I think this is very confusing for people.  Dermatologists are specialists who are experts in the care of skin, hair and nails.  We do 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, 1-3... more

Hi, I have vertical lines on my chest from sleeping on my side. My question is how to prevent this from continuing on and how to fix what has been caused from sleeping like that in the past. Thanks so much! karen
Okay so I have to do a bit of guessing here.  I'm guessing you're over 40 and have some sun damage on your chest.  Without seeing you, it's a bit tough.  You'll need to have a good cosmetic... more

I know this may seem like an odd question, but are there any procedures that are safe for a patient going through chemo and antibody treatments? I am 51 years old, have been battling cancer for three years and just feel like I need a bit of a lift. I was considering Thermage to lift the lower face area as I have slight sagging along the jawline. Thank you!

I think this is a great question.  I love general dermatology as well as the cosmetic and often see patients from the Swedish Hospital Tumor Institute which is across the street from me in... more

Watered down Botox?

Posted in Botox and DysportBotox on Mar 16, 2010 | Permalink

Dr. Irwin,I live in Florida and have known MD's that have had fines due to watering down Botox. How can I make sure I get the pure medication?
It's a crazy world out there, isn't it?  Why someone (and a doctor??) would do this, is beyond me since the results won't be as good .  It's like "shooting yourself in the foot."   But the... more

Hi Dr. Irwin, First, I love your blog. You answer so many of my questions. I have been seeing a dermatolgist for approximately one year now. I have had perlane and restalyne and botox with him . But, I am very concerned over the staying power. In September of 2009 I had two vials of Radiasse placed in my cheeks (for some hollowing) and nasolabial lines. It looked fabulous for about 3 -4 weeks. In october I needed another vial. End of November 2 more vials and 90 units of botox (forehead, eyes, lines around mouth, chest) Now it is approaching Feb and I see that that I have hollowing again on the right side, and the laughlines are back (not as deep, certainly, but defintely back). I also get about 90 units of botox approximately every 2-3 months. This is breaking my bank! Is this normal? Prior to the Radiasse, I had almost 6 vials of perlane starting back in March of 2009 through August. I believe I have spent over $10,000 in less than a year on fillers. The Dr is now recommending Scuptra. I don't know anyone who has this problem. What do you think? Is this normal? I can send you a picture.

Thank you -  I LOVE doing this blog! 

 Something seems odd to me.  In  18 years of practice, I've never seen anyone go through so much product, unless you are in your 70s or 80s.  And, I... more

I am a first time botox user and I am very pleased with the results. I did my forehead (october 24). I was wondering if you can tell me what to expect when it wears off in three months? Do all the wrinkles instantly reappear? Do I wait for things to go back to normal before getting more? I wanted to know what to expect as far as planning my next treatment to maximize the benefits of using Botox? Thank you for your website. It has been so insightful!

Good question.   The first time, I bring my patients back at 3 months but tell them it will wear off slightly before that.  Then, each time it will last a little longer to a point.  That... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, I thought i read they where working on a serum in the near future to apply to your face for botox instead of a injectting that true and possible? Hoping :)
It's an interesting technical challenge because serums and creams only penetrate so far (not far) into the skin.   A serum or cream would need to traverse the skin, subcutaneous fat and the... more

I am thinking of having Botox (for frown lines) and Juvederm Ultra Plus (for nasal labial folds) but am concerned because I often get hyperpigmentation. My skintone is light to medium olive and I use Elestrin estrogen replacement therapy (gel). I had a good deal of PIH after laser therapy a few years ago to correct hyperpigmentation. After several months of using Lustra my skin did look good but it took a long time. I also get hyperpigmentation marks from minor skin blemishes that often last a long time. Should I be concerned about the needle marks from both products above and is there anything that could be done to help with the outcome?
I can see why you would be concerned about this but the answer, fortunately, is no!  The needles used for Botox and Juvederm are usually the size of an acupunture needle and are so tiny... more

I recently had Botox on my forrehead (3 days ago)and I am noticing that when I move my forehead as I cleanse my face or apply moisturizer I feel like I am pulling hair on the top of my dead (just that side). When I received the injection I felt a liquid sensation in that area. I had several shots on my forehead but noticed that senstion in that particular spot. SHOULD I BE WORRIED AND WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???????
First of all -  remember that it takes Botox 5-7 days to fully develop so sometimes at 3 days, for example, as it's taking effect, there can be a few funny sensations.  These almost always... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, What would be the appr. price for a first forehead botox injection. Thanks
Okay - I really need more information on this one.   Here's what it depends upon - your age, number and depth of wrinkles, how many areas on the forehead you would like treated, and what... more

Hi Dr.; i had botox injected june 11th. the dr. has an office, but he injects botox @ my beauty salon. the following day my eyes were sagging, then the left side of my face started drooping; my speech is greatly impaired and i have not sense of taste. the botox dr. made me wait for about a week before he would see me. when i went to the appt., his assistant told me that i had an abcess in my tooth. eventually my primary dr's pretty much agree with me that the botox created this problem; however during the 3-4 months until all botox is out of my system, they are medicating me with myasthenia gravis to see if my speech could be helped. can too much botox give you myasthenia gravis? thanks.

These are good questions and my heart goes out to you since I'm sure this has been difficult for you.

 I am speaking generally here because I can't see you and these are general... more

Training Videos

Posted in Botox and DysportBotox on Jun 25, 2009 | Permalink

do you have any training videos available for purchase? please email me at ____.
No, unfortunately we don't have training videos  available at this time.  I've been thinking about doing them in the future though.  Best,  Dr.... more

Hello Dr. Irwin, I recently had Botox injections on all the lines on my forehead, crows feet, bunny line, the #11 wrinkle between my eyes, and above one eyebrow due to my brow symmetry. After 5 days I am experiencing a droopy eyelid?? What do you recommend I do to not have this condition as my results look great but certainly not with a droopy eyelid! Could it have been from the one injection over the eyebrow? Please help...... Thank you
First question......  are you sure it's a droopy eyelid and not a droopy eyebrow?  9 out of 10 times the problem is the eyebrow sagging making the upper eyelid appear heavier and more... more

Hello, I'm in Australia and I love your site, thank you for it. I have thin skin around my eyes and also dark circles. I tried botox once but I looked like I had small hallows on the outer corners of my eyes. My Dr said it's just that I have thin skin and maybe I should consider a filler like restylane. I wondered if there are any products that can help thicken the skin around the eyes? Is botox not suitable if you have thin skin? Thanks Megan

You're welcome!! 

 Hmmm - it's a bit tough because I can't see the problem but, in general, Botox doesn't cause  hollows to occur if it's injected evenly around the eye area.  If it weren't... more

Botox for Men

Posted in Botox and DysportBotox on Apr 25, 2009 | Permalink

My husband got Botox in his forehead, and it cost a lot more than mine. Did he get ripped off?

I can't speak to your specific situation, but the muscles in men's faces are larger than women's, and they frequently require more Botox. So it's common for the cost of Botox in a man's... more

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