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What DOESN’T fix upper lip lines!

Posted in Lips on Nov 05, 2015 | Permalink

I have lots of bad lines along the area between my top lip and my nose, and had injections of Restylane in these lines. But it's only three weeks and all the lines are back! This happened just the same the last time I had it done, about five months ago. I am aged 71 and have had this type of injection for ten years or so, but it doesn't seem to work for me any more. I am so, so sad, .. do you have any suggestions please? Kind regards, Heather x

In your situation, it would be good to go back and talk to your dermatologist.. Could he/she have changed their technique a little?   Here’s what DOESN’T work!

1)     Any... more

I am 64 yr. old and have deep wrinkles around my mouth and one side of my upper lip is slightly lower than the other. I have been to a cosmetic surgeon inquiring about fat transfer but then I read that too much is dangerous and lumps might occur. I did not know if I should use a filler or laser or microneedleing (used to stimulate collagen if I have any). I really do not know what to do. I do get headaches from weather changes (I use over the counter migraine medicine, will this effect the procedure or results? I read I should not take any aspirin, ibupropine, or any anti inflamatory. I appreciate your website. I have been investigating this for 6weeks. I do not know which technique/products to select. Can you make any suggestions?

I really wish this was a "one size fits all kind of thing," and.... I would love it if there was just one thing that would truly solve this problem.    Here are some things to consider and... more

Can I ask please I want to lift the sides of my mouth / Face and rather than get a mini lift do you think if I get Ultherapy it will tighten the sides of my face? Or can you suggest Fraxel or some other laser treatment.. Thx Laura

Hi Laura -  I was just at the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) and this issue came up fairly often.  As we age, the corners of the mouth tend to droop which creates a... more

I need advice on wrinkles above my upper lip area; they are quite deep.

The upper lip area is one of the toughest to fix, but with a little patience and persistence, it will improve hugely.  More on the upper lip area.

The three main issues are:

  1. Constant
... more

i am 67 years old and i have deep wrinkles in the upper lip area "smokers lines"--is there any hope for me to repair this? i really appreciate your article--thank you

The answer to this is yes but with some qualifications.   The area will never be perfect again, but if  you would be happy with 60-80% improvement, then that could be quite realistic.

It... more

I have vertical lip lines---on one side they are dynamic. My derm says they are moderate. The first time he used restylane on them, it looked good and it lasted nearly six months. Then he decides to put perlane in--was a lumpy mess. Finally, we get back to restylane but it stays puff looking and isn't dissolving evenly on the side with dynamic wrinkles. I know he overfills somewhat because my mouth looks like a duck for at least two weeks after. He says I need volume in the upper lip as well as the lines filled. Why does it get puffy and look uneven four or five weeks later?

This IS a tough area because there are 3 problems: loss of volume, dynamic wrinkles (caused by muscle action) from kissing, talking, smoking, etc. and sun damage on top.  And to some... more

Dr. Irwin, I have been using prescribed 0.025% retinoic acid cream for more than a week now and the first thing which I noticed was an irritation around my mouth. Under my lower lip and on smile creases. My skin on these areas are brown and looks slightly burnt whith small flakes from peeling. I did not notice anything different on other areas of my face I have been desperate to use the cream ever since and this saddens me. Do you think I am allergic to it?

These are all retinoids (in the Vitamin A cousin category)! They all have the potential to cause some irritation, but true allergies are rare. Here's how to use them to avoid the... more

My grand daughter (13 yr) gets cancer sores ( herpes simplex) sometimes when her monthly acne symptoms appear. I know she is probably sick of me repeating the content of you amazing web page to her, but I will do it anyway. Is lip sunscreen of any help? I told her that I thought she should toss the sunscreen because of the possibility of contaminating the lip sunscreen? have I got this correct? What's best for lip moisture when she has a bad breakout? I don't see this addressed anywhere.

Many people suffer from these outbreaks and they can be controlled usually. Remember that sores inside the mouth are "cancer sores" and they are different. The herpes virus on the lips is... more

I have experienced upon occasion that someone will ask if I have had work done on my mouth, saying that they are just familiar with that look. Meanwhile I see these women on these Housewives of Vancouver or Jersey or where ever that look like freaks with their artificial mouths. Is there no product that is fine enough to give a more nature look to the upper lip?

I know exactly what you mean.  I cringe slightly almost every time I go somewhere because there will be a lovely woman with lips that look completely fake. Here's the problem, it's not... more

Hi Dr. Irwin- The area between my nose and upper lip has elongated and has a very aging and unattractive look - coupled with a very thin upper lip. I have read about a surgical lip lift but I know that all surgeons are not in favor of this procedure, but am anxious to hear your opinion. If fillers are used instead, what are your suggestions please?? I do see a fine dermatologist with an expertise in fillers but do so trust your opinion !!!!!!! I am so upset that it's making me sick - HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much !!! Sandy

This is a tough question and it's where the idiom "long at the tooth" comes from partly. MRIs done on, okay I hate to say this, but cadavers, seem to indicate some of this is actual... more

Dr. Irwin, The vertical lines on my upper lip, are really bothering me. I'd rather not have shots, and I understand lasers can help.. Which type of laser should I be looking at? Judi

Generally the CO2 fractionated laser or traditional (only in expert hands) is best for these. You may need to do your whole face though to avoid a cut off line and blending... more

I am a 45 year old African American woman. For about the past 3 months, the pigment in my lower lip has disappeared. I now have an exact red crescent moon shape starting from the inside of my lip that meets my natural skin tone. The discoloration is increasing and beginning to take over my entire lower lip. I have been anemic for the past year, if that is important. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
This a situation where you really need your doctor or your dermatologist.  There are a number of conditions that can cause pigment loss on the lips but the most common one is vitiligo.  ... more

How would you address fine lies and sun damage around the mouth? I'm 57 and they seem to be getting worse by the day.I don't really trust lasers and I also have sensitive skin. I use tns essential serum and revalie night cream right now. Thank you!

I'm glad you are thinking about what to do now because this is a complex area where there (unfortunately) isn't just one solution.   But first of all, I'm going to assume that you're... more

I had Juvederm put in my lips. The doctor said I could use a little more but with it being so expensive he said he was going to put some botox around my lips to see if it gave me the look I wanted before I bought more Juvederm. What do you think?

They really do completely different things.  Generally, the Juvederm fills the lips themselves, supports around the lips and can fill in the wrinkles and lines around the lips depending on... more

I am 78 tears old and have deep upper lip lines. Would botox work for me?

To make a long story short -  no!!   Botox in the upper lip lines softens them a little.  But at 78, my guess is that you probably have moderately deep ones (normal!).  In your case, a... more

What is the best treatment for lip wrinkles. Not the smile lines or wrinkles above the lip, but my actual lips. They are full, however, they don't appear smooth. When I put on my lipstick, my lips appear to be full of verticle lines.
It would be very reasonable to try, in this situation, a series of 3 light beta hydroxy peels or light glycolic peels about 2-4 weeks apart.  Find someone experienced with these.  Then wait... more

I recently went for a consult for the area around my mouth and lips. I have pretty severe wrinkle damage in that area due to years of sun damage and smoking. The MD recommended doing a small amount of botox in five point areas around my mouth BEFORE doing Juvederm. I am confused by this and slightly nervous. Have you heard of this before?

Yes, this is a fairly common use of Botox but is an "off-label" area for the FDA. The product itself is still safe, of course, but the MD should be very experienced to get this right. ... more

Dear Doctor Irwin, I recently got the vertical lines in my upper lip filled and apart from thje fact that I was bruised for a week, I noticed that my lips for some reason now look smaller. I always used to pride myself in the fact that I had full lips and now they just seem "different" that normal?
Again, this is tough to say without seeing you but here are some thoughts.  In general, as we age, the upper lip gets longer and loses it slight concave (like a gentle ski jump) shape. ... more

What are good products to use on lips overnight that will possibly renew and re-condition as Retin-A and moisturizer work for skin?

Lips tend to be sensitive like the skin around the eyes.  I use the same products I use on my eyelids on my lips with good results.  I really don't think you need separate skin care... more

Hello Dr Irwin, Your site is amazing. I have lost a lot of weight and this has affected my face, I am getting sculptra done on the 23rd of June, but what really upsets me is my smoker lines over my lips and my frown lines on my forehead can these be treated with sculptra, I know you might take month to answer as you are so busy but as i am being done on the 23rd of June maybe you could answer me before this. I would really appreciate this. Thank You.

Thank you -  I really, really wish I had time to answer all of the great questions you all send me!  I'm sad that there's just not enough time in every day.

Sculptra is great for certain... more

I received a Jessner's/TCA 35% medium depth chemical on my face and have a slight line of demarcation on my upper lip just about the outline of my lips. What would be the best way to correct this?
I'm going to assume that you went back to the Dermatologist who did the TCA peel and asked about this???   I'm also guessing that he/she didn't run the peel solution down just over the... more

Hi Dr Irwin I have hispanic skin Im 32 years old and I have smile lines that I want to get rid of I've heard of fillers but I really want to do a treatment that has longer results like laser I heard that fraxel is the best for any tipe of skin would the laser would get rid of smile lines? I also went to a place and I bought a package of 5 skin tightenings they said that It will improve my smile lines I really don't know what to do. I also wanted to know if the fraxel laser would also be good to improve the apperance of old white stretch marks in my tipe of skin Thanks

Okay -  so I think you bring up some good issues. It's critically important to understand first why you have the smile lines. Do these same smile lines tend to run in your family in the... more

Other tricks to avoiding filler problems?

1. Always pick a good doctor. This seems obvious but many people don't. See my directory of good cosmetic dermatologists, and ask your friends... more

What is the best treatment for vertical lines over the lips?

I wish there was one "slam/dunk" treatment for vertical upper lip lines.  They can be 80-90% corrected but it takes a little time, money and patience.  There really is no one treatment that... more

Dr. Irwin, as I\'ve aged, the distance from my nose to lip has lengthened and my lips have also flattened. Is there a non-surgical way to shorten the appearance between nose and mouth, and to make my upper lip go up and out so they\'re not so flat looking?

The answer to this is yes ........but depending on the exact anatomy.  You didn't tell me how old you are.  If you're 80, it will be much harder than if you are 50.  The bony structure of... more

Why don\'t you use sculptra in the lips. I would like to have my lips made a bit fuller but really don\'t want to spend 400 every 6 months.

Sculptra becomes bumpy in or around the lips where the muscles around the lips are strong.  The same can be true around the eyes.  Lumpy lips is not a good look!  Dr.... more

Hi doctor I have 2 scars on my lips from 10 years ago. The scars occured after removing warts electrically. One on my upper left side lip and the other on the right side bottom lips and they are all hypertrophic. I had consulted with a plastic surgeon and he said that fraxel laser could help to makr the scars shrink I am so afraid because the lips are so sensitive . Does fraxel cauuse any more hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation in my case? And does it work well to blur the scars edges because they are so reaised which get me embarassed

Hmmmm.   I'd really like you to get an opinion from a dermtologist too.  Do you have a good one in your area?  Ideally, one who does the full range of medical, surgical and cosmetic... more

I have marionette lines around my mouth. It is due to volume loss in my chin. I had a bad experience with Restylane, (massive swelling after the procedure that scared me into a visit to the ER). Would Artefill be a more permanent option? I also had fat put into this area but it only lasted about 3 months. Could a laser tighten the skin in this area to get rid of it. It is not to bad I am 50.

I wish I could say your situation is unusual but I've heard many similar stories!  Let's start at the beginning and think through this.  I want you to go back to the mirror because most of... more

Summer Lips

Posted in Sun ProtectionSkin Care ProductsLips on Jul 19, 2010 | Permalink

Summer vacations remind me how vulnerable our lips are to sun and wind.

Lips have even less natural protection from the sun than the rest of our skin. That's one reason why the area on and... more

Is there a product or exercise to get rid of the small little lines around my mouth? These make my lipstick look funny.

There are 5 issues to think about for this area.  But first, what causes these is the constant movement of the lips (so exercises don't work), sun damage and loss of collagen, fat and bone... more

Fixing a frowning mouth!

Posted in LipsFillers on Aug 18, 2009 | Permalink

What is the best treatment to correct the turning down of your mouth as you age? Does Botox help this any, or would just a filler be best? And how many units of Botox are generally injected in each site of injection? I am trying to calculate cost. Teresa

Botox should never be used in the lower face except by an expert injector because it can cause facial drooping (like a stroke only temporary) or problems with chewing and drooling. I will... more

Dr.Irwin- I had juvederm injected into the upper lip area to smooth lip lines that are hereditary. My first injections left the areas in approximately two weeks, and the second series left one area more plump that the right side leaving my face asymmetrical. I also had lots of injection problems with hematomas, purplish blistery knots, and swelling that lasts to this day. Continuing to this day (three months later) at this end of the day my lips swell leaving me very self conscious. Can you offer any advice on what the problems may have been, and what I can do to stop the swelling. I do not want to return to this physician (who is board certified in Dermatology). Please help if you can.

It helps me to know your age and how deep the lines are.  In general, I don't like Juvederm for upper lip lines, unless they are quite deep for these exact reasons. It tends to be too full... more

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