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I am 64 yr. old and have deep wrinkles around my mouth and one side of my upper lip is slightly lower than the other. I have been to a cosmetic surgeon inquiring about fat transfer but then I read that too much is dangerous and lumps might occur. I did not know if I should use a filler or laser or microneedleing (used to stimulate collagen if I have any). I really do not know what to do. I do get headaches from weather changes (I use over the counter migraine medicine, will this effect the procedure or results? I read I should not take any aspirin, ibupropine, or any anti inflamatory. I appreciate your website. I have been investigating this for 6weeks. I do not know which technique/products to select. Can you make any suggestions?

I really wish this was a "one size fits all kind of thing," and.... I would love it if there was just one thing that would truly solve this problem.    Here are some things to consider and... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, I've used Retin-A for many years and recently my Dermatologist prescribed Atralin. Even though it's considered retin-a, it looks and feels different than what I'm used to. Also, it was very pricey. Do you have any idea why my doctor might have prescribed this type of retin-a? I'm 53 and have used retin-a for decades. Thank you very sincerely for your reply.

I know this is very confusing for everyone and understandably so.  I'll try to talk you through this. 

There is really only one prescription drug and one nonprescription drug in common... more

Which laser is best? Especially for upper lip lines.

No question in my mind anyway on this one............the CO2 ........either the fractionated like the DEKA DOT, Affirm or Active/Deep Fx ..... or the original completely ablative CO2s.  ... more

Dear Dr.Irwin. I am 62, but look 10 years younger(I have been told.) I am so embarrassed about my neck. Especially the creepiness along the vertical part. I know that laser treatment is expensive. Is there any treatment or cream on the market that is any good? I have already wasted so much money on "neck creams", that did nothing except burn a hole in my wallet! Is the new strivectin n cream worth trying? Please,please, I need guidance! I want to cry, when I look in the mirror!

I hear you and you are NOT alone.  There's a reason why the wonderful writer Nora Ephron (now passed ):)  wrote a book called  "I Hate My Neck." It's quite funny!  More blog questions on... more

Hi Dr. Irwin- I recently had a Silhouette Lift which is a thread/suture lift. The sutures have little dissolvable cones made of Polylactic acid which are supposed to completely dissolve over 9 months. It\'s only been 3 months and the volume in my face is way too full. My doctor told me that I am at the peak right now, but that it will likely remain constant over the next 3-6 months and THEN start to go down slowly. Is this true or will my face continue to grow as the cones dissolve completely over the next 6 months? I\'m scared and miserable over the results. Is there anything else I can do to make the collagen go away quicker? Steroid injections, massage, running, heat therapy? I am so depressed and have started to see a therapist. I feel like my face is ruined forever.

I'm so sad that this happened to you and I think you're very wise to see a therapist during this difficult period.

In my opinion, these lifts are not a good idea.  There are just too many... more

Dear Dr. Irwin, I wish you were in Chicago........What at-home laser devices work for very deep wrinkles (forehead) & sagging skin (around nasal/mouth). Thanks so much. Kendall Malloy Chicago's the bad news............I don't think any of them work for either of these.  In fact, almost all of the laser home use device results have been underwhelming.   If you... more

I love being in the sun, but I'm 60 now and I noticed the top fronts of my arms and my neck are wrinkling at a rapid rate! How do I give up the great feeling I get and still save my skin? Help??? and THank you! Janie

Thank you for writing because you said it better than I could probably!  In other words, you are seeing the cost and damage of all that sun now. 

Most people who say they love the sun... more

I need advice on wrinkles above my upper lip area; they are quite deep.

The upper lip area is one of the toughest to fix, but with a little patience and persistence, it will improve hugely.  More on the upper lip area.

The three main issues are:

  1. Constant
... more

i am 67 years old and i have deep wrinkles in the upper lip area "smokers lines"--is there any hope for me to repair this? i really appreciate your article--thank you

The answer to this is yes but with some qualifications.   The area will never be perfect again, but if  you would be happy with 60-80% improvement, then that could be quite realistic.

It... more

Dear Dr. Irwin If one comebines minimal invasive techniques such as Botox and Fraxel Laser starting by around Age 30, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using sun scream every day, how many years can one realistically expect to look younger? Thank you for your great website with so much uselful information. Kind regards Elizabeth from Switzerland

You're welcome!!  I love this question - thank you for asking it - because it's really the bottom line, isn't it!

I think we really don't know the answer definatively yet because this... more

I have been using Tazarac 0.1% cream for about 10 years with success. I am 59 years old and am having some dryness issues. I was wondering if I could use a night cream with the Tazarac and if so, which should I use first. I also have been using SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic in the morning. Is this the appropriate Vit. C serum to use and should I be using this in the morning or in the evening with the Tazarac?

Tazarac is a brand, prescription retinoid.  It was formulated for acne and teens with oily skin but is sometimes used instead of Renova, generic Retin A (tretinoin), or higher quality... more

Dear Dr. I am very happy to have found your cite, it's full of information and very helpful. I would like to ask you a few questions. I turned 50 this summer , have relatively few wrinkles, but sagging and loss of volume is there, particularly eye area (some bags in the morning, they do get better as day goes on, but never really go away) I believe I have a good skin care regimen (Paula Begun products) and recently have been experimenting with some home devices fro my face and neck ( micro current, PMD, Jenu) It definitely gives me at least some temporary results, but exhausting since it requires too much time spend maintaining , plus I have a feeling, it's not going to be enough very soon. I was wondering what do you think of at home laser devices such as PaloVia or Tria. Can lasers even do anything for sagging under eyes? Or should I just go ahead and schedule appointment for Thermage or Ultherapy? Or surgery? Thank you. Lena.

First of all, I completely agree with you  about the home devices.  Let's not waste our time ladies and gents!  We are all busy and these devices,  while the marketing makes them sound like... more

a 92 year old women I know had some kind of skin treatment probably CO2 peel many many years ago and her skin looked like a babys at 92. I am sure there are better and less painful procedures now to get that flawless baby skin look. What would the best and least painful procedure be to get that result. I have a light olive undertone complexion and don't want to change my coloring nor do I want to look too white and unnatural. I want the look that almost looks like brand new baby skin and velvety and dewy. I am 70 and have few wrinkles but do have sun damage spots. I have had IPL and it helped a little but I want the fine porcelain again dewy look. HELP Thank you so much for your wonder blog. Living in Los Angeles I have a lot of options for good dermatologists so say the word and I am off to see someone

Hmm, I'm guessing we would all wish for that. It's possible to turn that clock back quite a bit but probably not that far!


Here are my votes if you are 70:

  1. Make sure your daily
... more

a 92 year old women I know had some kind of skin treatment probably CO2 peel many many years ago and her skin looked like a babys at 92. I am sure there are better and less painful procedures now to get that flawless baby skin look. What would the best and least painful procedure be to get that result. I have a light olive undertone complexion and don't want to change my coloring nor do I want to look too white and unnatural. I want the look that almost looks like brand new baby skin and velvety and dewy. I am 70 and have few wrinkles but do have sun damage spots. I have had IPL and it helped a little but I want the fine porcelain again dewy look. HELP Thank you so much for your wonder blog. Living in Los Angeles I have a lot of options for good dermatologists so say the word and I am off to see someone

Hmmmmm....... I'm guessing we would all wish for that.  It's possible to turn that clock back quite a bit but probably not that far!

Here are my votes if you are 70:

  1. Make sure your
... more

I have vertical lip lines---on one side they are dynamic. My derm says they are moderate. The first time he used restylane on them, it looked good and it lasted nearly six months. Then he decides to put perlane in--was a lumpy mess. Finally, we get back to restylane but it stays puff looking and isn't dissolving evenly on the side with dynamic wrinkles. I know he overfills somewhat because my mouth looks like a duck for at least two weeks after. He says I need volume in the upper lip as well as the lines filled. Why does it get puffy and look uneven four or five weeks later?

This IS a tough area because there are 3 problems: loss of volume, dynamic wrinkles (caused by muscle action) from kissing, talking, smoking, etc. and sun damage on top.  And to some... more

Hi Dr. I! I just paid for IPL Treatments (5 treatments for face, neck and chest for $2900) at my Dermatologist's office. They have a separate clinic associated with the MD next door to his office that is run by my Dr. Well, I'm feeling buyer's remorse because it's costing a lot and I want to make sure I'll be getting my money's worth, and long term results. I'm 43, look younger for my age, but I have wrinkles around my eyes, mouth, and sun damage/freckles/larger pores all over. I never want a face lift, and I want to avoid Botox. I read your piece on IPL. But is it the latest and greatest procedure that truly works? I want to invest in my appearance now for the future. Should I just spend my money on monthly facials and good products? Or is there another treatment you'd recommend? THANKS!!

Ok well, this is lot to answer! Remember though that, at the end of the day, only you can really answer this question for yourself. And hopefully, your doctor is honest and won't let you... more

Is Sculptra less effective the older we are?

To some extent the answer is yes. It's because Sculptra (made of lactic acid stuck together in chains) stimulates your own collagen production and the collagen is made by cells called... more

I enjoy your site so mucc and have noticed your advice to sometimes massage marrionette line etc. after derma fillers. how long after the procedure is this still of benefit and if its so moldable can it accidentally be squished or moved when propping the face up on your hands when tired or sleeping...I sleep resting the side of my face on my arm instead of pillow and worry all night! Thanks for any consideration to this, I had Juvederm a week ago, very small lump in marrionette line but afraid to touch it

Okay, I'm thinking maybe we had a misunderstanding on this one. The only filler that should be massaged is Sculptra and your doctor will give you specific instructions on this, if you... more

I have experienced upon occasion that someone will ask if I have had work done on my mouth, saying that they are just familiar with that look. Meanwhile I see these women on these Housewives of Vancouver or Jersey or where ever that look like freaks with their artificial mouths. Is there no product that is fine enough to give a more nature look to the upper lip?

I know exactly what you mean.  I cringe slightly almost every time I go somewhere because there will be a lovely woman with lips that look completely fake. Here's the problem, it's not... more

Please share your thoughts on some of the newer Radiesse fillers in comparison to Juvaderm. Thank you. Kathy

Well, Radiesse isn't all that new so both have track records now extending back at least 5 years.  I vote for Juvederm and here's why:


  • Radiesse isn't reversible if a mistake is
... more

Hi Dr.Irwin, I need help desperately please! I read a post to you from Dawn on March 24, 2013 regarding restalyne injections in her lips 7 years prior that resulted in large hard bumps on or above her upper lip which are extremely noticeable. I have the exact same problem and it's been 5 years since the injection of restalyne. In my case it was definitely restalyne and I did have the hydrolauranic(not sure of the name but the one they use to fix this) injection done but it seemed to work at first but over the years the problem continued to get worse. One day there was a tiny hole on the far side above upper lip and when I squeezed it a white gel like substance would come out. At times the substance would be very thick and other times runny but for days it continued to ooze out of this hole. This hole is still there and several times it oozed out what I think is the restalyne still somehow stuck in these lumps. My upper lip is a mess. Besides the lumps, it is red, you can't really see my upper lip line anymore and I have developed two more holes that won't go away. I would really like to send you a pic so you can see what I am saying. I don't know who to see or if anything can be done to fix this mess. Please help me.

Dear Jennifer, I hope you don't mind my answering here because you're not identifiable and I think others are having this problem also. To my knowledge, this can happen in three different... more

Hi Dr. Irwin, I had Belotero injected in my tear troughs to correct (dark circles that weren't very bad) almost 6 weeks ago. I bruised the worst under my left eye which is creating a pretty bad shadow. I also have a really obvious dark spot underin my right eye where the Dr. injected. Im not sure if this is hyperpigmentation or Tyndal, where I was told is rare with Belotero. I should add that ive had restylane and had no shadow or bruising. I don't know where I should go from here. Is this permanent? I can't even cover it with makeup, it looks worse. Will it fade when the filler fades?

Dear readers, I hear you, treatments do not always go perfectly even in the best of circumstances. So assuming you've done your homework and picked a doctor or nurse injector who is... more

Hi Dr. Irwin, I am asian with brown skin tone in my early 40s. I live in Ireland. Recently I have started using no 7 glycolic acid peel kit (10%) by boots. It has 8 little bottles to be used over a period of 4 weeks. I have used it for 3 weeks now and have noticed a nice glow. But I am afraid to continue, as I was reading somewhere that glycolic acid peel can darken browbeat skin. Please advise. I am also thinking of using microdermabrasion kit which is available over the counter. Is it advisable? Can I combine both glycolic acid peel and microdermabrason ? My skin is mixed type and don't have many wrinkles. I look younger than my age. I want to do these procedures for a glowing and brighter skin and reduce aging . Am I on the right track? Or shall I use retinoid instead?

Good questions let's start at the beginning and some comments:

  1. A short series of home 10% glycolic peels since you live in Ireland are probably fine but if you lived in a sunnier
... more

Hello Dr. Irwin, I am 32 years old and I have a very deep line between my eyebrows. I just want to know if it is the right age to start using skinceuticals ce freulic serum, and is it safe using skinceuticals cef serum in the morning and tns essential serum at night time. Please reply, need your help. Thank you.

Okay, so first of all, no product, no cream or lotion (at this point in time) will improve the line or lines between the eyebrows. This is because that line is being caused by an... more

Dr. Irwin, The vertical lines on my upper lip, are really bothering me. I'd rather not have shots, and I understand lasers can help.. Which type of laser should I be looking at? Judi

Generally the CO2 fractionated laser or traditional (only in expert hands) is best for these. You may need to do your whole face though to avoid a cut off line and blending... more

Dear Dr Irwin, I am a 30 year old female, have fair hair, green eyes and sensitive skin. Two years ago I started noticing fine lines under my eyes as well as crows feet, and have been using Active C from La Roche Posay night and day, and Renova during the winter nights. Would this regime be fine, or could you suggest any better options? Many thanks and regards

Learn more about the best skin care products for the eye area. On the prevention issues for eyelid skin also consider, especially if you are an outdoor person, that sunscreen that... more

I recently had botox for the first time (22units) on the ll lines between my brows. (I am a female who is 55 years old) After 1 week, no improvement. I was told to come back and they injected another 20 units in the same area. After another week, not much improvement, very slight. I was told I have a very strong muscle between my brows. I was told to come back in another week if I didn't see any more improvement. Should I return for more injections or wait the 3 months and see if another treatment would help my stubborn muscle?? I am very disappointed with all this. Does it take several treatments to relax a stubborn muscle or should I try something else??? Thank you

I'm glad you asked this because you've had more than enough Botox injected there.  The average female will use between 20 and 30 units to relax the corrugator muscle.   Remember... more

I have a very wrinkled neck from hrs in the sun when I was young. What is the best method of improving my neck. I look 90 yrs old because of it and I'm 58. It's very Thanks so much!

I think the neck is a little bit the "holy grail" right now in the nonsurgical world.  There's a lot of interest and research being done.  Here are some general guidelines about the neck... more

I am 78 tears old and have deep upper lip lines. Would botox work for me?

To make a long story short -  no!!   Botox in the upper lip lines softens them a little.  But at 78, my guess is that you probably have moderately deep ones (normal!).  In your case, a... more

Hello Dr. Irwin, I'm 44 and have wrinkled skin on the top eyelids which makes me look tired. I also have other wrinkles all over the face. So I have dicided to get CO2 done for the full face including eyelids. Is it safe to have CO2 perform on the eyelids? Thank you for your help.

Okay -  so 3 thoughts on this question.  The answer is yes with these restrictions:

1) The fractional CO2 is safer than the traditional CO2 on the eyelids so make sure they are using the... more

I recently ordered Retin A and was given desonite cream. Are they similar drugs? I use it for wrinkles.

You bring up a good point and no, they are not the same, at least in the U.S.  Did you order this off the web?  In most countries, if you buy a product like Retin A (generic name is... more

I recently went for a consult for the area around my mouth and lips. I have pretty severe wrinkle damage in that area due to years of sun damage and smoking. The MD recommended doing a small amount of botox in five point areas around my mouth BEFORE doing Juvederm. I am confused by this and slightly nervous. Have you heard of this before?

Yes, this is a fairly common use of Botox but is an "off-label" area for the FDA. The product itself is still safe, of course, but the MD should be very experienced to get this right. ... more

Hi Dr. Irwin.. I'm now 40 years old. I had written a long time ago about DOT Therapy. Also I know there are different machines out there-which ones the best? Do you suggest having it done on the thighs and lower legs for crepiness/skin lines? I have tried everything other then lasers. I'm extremely embarassed of the way my legs look. I had a test spot done but not sure if one time testing will actually show me any difference. What's your thought and do you know of a good doctor in the Thousand Oaks/Los Angeles area that is reasonable. Thank you - thank you....i am so thankful for your input-

This is a tough one because the answer to this really isn't known.  I think there are a LOT of women (include me on this one) who would love to get rid of the sun damage, and some of that... more

I've been happy with Botox injections on the "11's" for several years. But recently I noticed that to the outside of one injected line, I get a raised puffy area when I smile. It creates a visible vertical line that to me looks much worse than the original wrinkle. I have an appointment with my doctor but while I am waiting for that am wondering if this is from another muscle compensating for the original and what might be done about it. The other side of the forehead is nice and flat but this raised area is very upsetting.

The muscles that causes the "11s" frown lines are the corrugator muscles - one on each side. Their anatomy actually varies more than you would think from person to person.  Some people have... more

Kathy Dallas Kd-12 Cream

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I have recently brought a kathy dallas kd-12 cream. I am having doubts about using it because I can't find any reviews online about it. Can you please tell me your opinion about it.

I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with that brand cream, so cannot advise about it.

However, here is a link to the antioxidant, anti-aging and repair creams I have tried and absolutely... more

There's no data that niacin in these concentrations in skin care products performs better than tretinoin (Retin A, Renova, etc) and a Vitamin C serum in the 10-20% range. You'll very... more

Have explored different wrinkle reducing methods and do not like the idea of fillers, injections, laser or facelifts. Is Ultherapy a sound and effective way to help this issue? I have read about Thermage but read mixed reviews.

Both Ultherapy and Thermage generally do NOT reduce wrinkles. They are intended to tighten and lift slightly. Of the two, Thermage is better, in my opinion. It requires one treatment... more

Hi, Your website is a great read and full of infromation. I am a 38 year old male and have developed deep lines running parallel to my nose of both sides of my face. I am trying to sleep on my back to stop these but wanted to know what type of product I should use for sensitive skin to tighten up my skin again around my nose area? In Ireland and the infromation is not great for men!! Thanks J

Thank you! The kind of lines that you describe are often from sleeping with our faces scrunched on the pillow a certain way each night.  Changing position frequently and trying to sleep on... more

Hi Dr Irwin, Below is my post to you and your answer, but I didn't mean nasolabial folds or marionette lines. I meant horizontal and vertical lines that are fine lines. The fillers won't work for these lines and I cant use Retin-a or AHA's due to the shiny waxy look I get from using them. My skin is not sagging or lax and I don't have wrinkles. So is there anything that would work for these lines? Thanks in advance! I am confused about which procedure would work for moderate facial lines. I am a 46 year old caucasian female. I don't have loose, sagging skin or wrinkles. The lines are mostly around my mouth but to the sides not above my lips. I do not smoke. AHA's and retin a cause an unnatural shinny waxy look on my skin so I prefer not to use them. What procedure would work for this issue? Thanks so much. Since you don't have sagging (laxity) or wrinkles, these lines to the sides of the mouth are usually from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial fold) or the mouth to the chin (mesolabial or marionette), are best treated with a filller like Juvederm or Restylane. Both would work well. On average maintenance for this in your age range would be about twice a year. Dr. I
Okay - I know this is hard to describe sometimes so I'm think you mean on the cheeks themselves - that fine, sometimes crisscrossed wrinkling. You might want to look into the Fraxel... more

How long do fillers like Restylane/Juvederm last especially in the marionette lines?

I think there's a lot of confusion about this.  The very general answer is 4-9 months.  Also, fillers will often begin to last longer as time goes on if you get treated 2-3 times a year in... more

Dear Doctor, I believe I have the condition that you refer to as "cobble chin", but when I look at pictures that show people who have this condition they sometimes say it looks like dimpling. My condition under my chin actually looks like small bumps under my skin. They do not hurt and they give me no problems. If I pull in my lips (tightening the skin on my chin) they actually disappear. What is the best way to treat this condition? Sincerely, Donna

A common complaint is a bumpy texture on the chin area.  Here are the 3 most common causes. 

1) The first is old acne scarring.  Some people have their most severe acne on their chins and... more

Hi Dr. Irwin, I'm thinking of buying a pillow that claims to help position your face while sleeping to help prevent creases caused by sleeping on your side with a traditional pillow. Would I be wasting my money? I do see a deep crease on the side of my cheek sometimes in the morning. thanks, Kathy
I think this is a fun questions!  First, there's no data on this.  But............ most people have more wrinkles and less volume on the side they sleep on most.  You can probably see... more

Hello Dr. Irwin, I use skin medica ( luv it)...What do you think of the Hydrating Complex.. I don't use fillers but would this work as well on top of the skin. Thank you

For dryness or very fine lines, use a great moisturizer - the SkinMedica one is good.   For true wrinkles, no cream will be able to compare to a filler at this point in time.  The... more

A hand held device that emits red and blue light which is supposed to tighten the skin and produce collagen can be purchased by anyone($250.00). What is your opinion ? Joanne
I don't think you'll see much result.  It also requires a lot of patience.   Dr.... more

What is difference in improvement between a chemical peel and a laser treatment? Do they both work to treat wrinkles and fine lines?

This is a good question because I think many are puzzled by this also. I'd like to give you the broad differences and then links to two places in the site for more information. Since you... more

Hi Dr Irwin I have hispanic skin Im 32 years old and I have smile lines that I want to get rid of I've heard of fillers but I really want to do a treatment that has longer results like laser I heard that fraxel is the best for any tipe of skin would the laser would get rid of smile lines? I also went to a place and I bought a package of 5 skin tightenings they said that It will improve my smile lines I really don't know what to do. I also wanted to know if the fraxel laser would also be good to improve the apperance of old white stretch marks in my tipe of skin Thanks

Okay -  so I think you bring up some good issues. It's critically important to understand first why you have the smile lines. Do these same smile lines tend to run in your family in the... more

I'm a african American with uneven skin tone and small laugh wrinkels around my eyes. What do you suggest?

For your uneven skin tone, it depends on whether the blotchiness is being caused by hormone related melasmasun damage, inflammation from acne or irritated hair follicles, etc. I think... more

Dear Dr Irwin I amm 44 with fair skin which freckles in the sun, oily t zone and wrinkles around eyes. In august i started to use obagi nu derm with great reluctance because of the hydroquinone. However i thought i would do the 18 wks then stop and go onto something else i am now being told i need to stay on it for life as my skin will return to its previous state and i could suffer hyperpigmentation. pigmentation was not a problem for me anyway i went on nuderm for wrinkling and sundamage and to refine the skin. i enjoy using the tretinoin but have been told it doesnt work if i dont use the blender with it. I just want to follow one of your regimes and have purchased tns already> please help. regards Jo
The ingredients in Obagi are the same ones available both by prescription and over the counter. In the Obagi system, they are just packaged and applied in a certain order which can be very... more

Many women feel that they don't know where to start or how to prioritize aging issues. Here are some ways to get started.

Take a white sheet of paper (letter sized) and hold it first over... more

I have marionette lines around my mouth. It is due to volume loss in my chin. I had a bad experience with Restylane, (massive swelling after the procedure that scared me into a visit to the ER). Would Artefill be a more permanent option? I also had fat put into this area but it only lasted about 3 months. Could a laser tighten the skin in this area to get rid of it. It is not to bad I am 50.

I wish I could say your situation is unusual but I've heard many similar stories!  Let's start at the beginning and think through this.  I want you to go back to the mirror because most of... more

Does the use of botox or dermal fillers have any potential to slow down the deepening of existing wrinkles?

Yes!!!  If the wrinkle is being caused by an over active corrugator muscle (the "frown" muscle), then relaxing the muscle with Botox will not only make the lines improve but also prevents... more

I'm getting a lot of questions about this relatively new class of laser. For good reason too, because the right fractionated CO2 system coupled with an experienced dermatologist can be... more

Dr. Irwin The TNS essentcail serum from skin medica is that product like using the tns recovery and c serum but they mix it together?..Was wondering cause i been using the recovery and c for while and love to try the serum when the recovery and c run out. Thanks
The two products you've been using the SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex and the Vitamin C&E Complex (antioxidants) are both excellent.  The TNS Essential Serum is their new "double pump"... more

Is there a product or exercise to get rid of the small little lines around my mouth? These make my lipstick look funny.

There are 5 issues to think about for this area.  But first, what causes these is the constant movement of the lips (so exercises don't work), sun damage and loss of collagen, fat and bone... more

Home Use Laser for Wrinkles

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How effective are the home-use photo-rejuvenation devices (like Omnilux New-U, DPL System, and LightStim) for wrinkles and hyperpigmentation? Worth the money?
I wish I had a definative answer for you. The science behind all these products is sketchy.  And, it's hard to know if their before and afters are real  - not retouched.  None of them did... more

Wrinkles on Neck and Chest

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I am 45 and for the last 5 years have been very aware of the lines that have appeared on my neck and chest area. They are very visable. My skin is quite fair and in the past i have always enjoyed sitting out in the sun. i am now at an age where i feel i don't want it looking any worse. Is there any good creams / lotions that i could buy to improve the appearance. I am going on a family holiday to Spain in July and will be putting on factor 20+ on my face and neck. Shirley

Shirley - 

 Are the lines on your neck circular "necklace" line or more the criss-crossy crepey lines?  As a general rule, these need different solutions.  The necklace lines are related... more

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