What DOESN’T fix upper lip lines!

I have lots of bad lines along the area between my top lip and my nose, and had injections of Restylane in these lines. But it's only three weeks and all the lines are back! This happened just the same the last time I had it done, about five months ago. I am aged 71 and have had this type of injection for ten years or so, but it doesn't seem to work for me any more. I am so, so sad, .. do you have any suggestions please? Kind regards, Heather x

In your situation, it would be good to go back and talk to your dermatologist.. Could he/she have changed their technique a little?   Here’s what DOESN’T work!

1)     Any radiofrequency/ultrasound based device on the market currently – like  Thermage, Exilis, Peleve, etc.    You might be able to use them for prevention if you’re 30ish – no data on this yet.

2)     Using just Botox/Dysport – doesn’t work but helps with progression of these and prevention.

3)     Using just a resurfacing  laser like Fraxel 1550 nm or CO2.  CO2 works the best and good for moderate to deeper lines and helps, but is not the whole answer if over 45-50.

4)     Using just filler especially if you already have a long upper lip or a lot of loss of volume around the mouth.   You want to AVOID the duck lip or weird heavy, protruberant upper lip we are all seeing in the media.  Experts often thin existing product a little to get better “flow” into these lines.  A upper lip dental block is good – this area is painful.

5)     Bottom Line –  most people do better with a little expert use of ALL THREE of these techniques.   A few drops of Botox/Dysport,  a light hand with filler and some laser depending on how deep these are.

Hope this helps,  Dr. I

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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