What skincare is good for protecting and maintaining skin on the body??

Hi Dr. Irwin, Love your website and the scientifically-based, thorough information. I am 48 and just starting to really pay attention to skincare. My question is about body skin. (As I am already following your suggestions for facial skin and seeing good improvement!) I'm wondering about a good daily routine for body skin. I think I have normal skin, but I do get itchy and flaky on my limbs in the cold, Canadian winter months. I read your blog answers to others about not using anything but water to clean limbs to avoid stripping natural oils, AND using a Cerave moisturizer (I think). Anything else you would suggest in terms of a good daily routine to maintain the overall moisture balance and health of body skin? Thanks! (PS. I ordered your book, too! Can't wait to get it.)

The itchy, dry winter skin is very common, but totally fixable!!    Have to say though that if you live in a very dry, cold climate …………it means a bit of work. 🙂

Here’s what works best:

  • Shorter showers or baths are good (3-10 minutes),  but hotter water is more drying
  • Gentle lotion cleanser (like Cerave) or gentle soap (like Dove for sensitive skin) only the armpits, groin and head and neck area only.  Don’t “soap” the limbs or trunk – you need your natural oils
  • Once or twice a week, soak 5-10 min in an Epsom salts (2 -4 cups in the bath) or other mineral salt bath – helps  to remove the outer dead layer of skin
  • Once or twice a week, GENTLY exfoliate your body with a wash cloth or gentle loofah.    A harsher salt scrub may be used once a month.
  • Every day and every time you get out of the bath or slower, lube lube lube your entire body with cream or lotion.  I like organic ones for this but they can be expensive.   Try the Cerave Cream or Cetaphil Cream or Vanicream for more budget alternatives.
  • Creams are better for dry  skin than lotions.   Oils can be good also.
  • If you are very dry, use creams like Amlactin, Lachydrin or glycolic based body moisturizers.

If you get a rash, it generally is because you are over scrubbing or allergic to something in the cream.   If not gone in a day or two after stopping , see your doctor!

Hope this helps,  Dr.

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

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