Will IPL leave me with a completely pale face?

I am scheduled for a Cutera IPL procedure on my face next week to remove large brown spots, broken capillaries, etc. I've always had a lot of freckles and don't mind them....and even though I wear a hat and use sun block, I also don't mind when my face gets a little tanned. my question is, will ipl leave me a "pale face"? I'm worried about this because think I look better with a little color and don't like wearing make-up during the day. I'm 63.

The short answer is , no it won’t.  It’s almost impossible to remove all color from someone’s face and even when you wear sunscreen, some light gets through to stimulate that melanin (color).  That awful porcelain white look we used to occasionally see, was due to the old phenol peels which left people with no melanin (color) at all and they damaged the cells that made the melanin.  Fortunately, hardly anyone uses these peels any more.  Please find the guide to IPL photorejuvenation laser.  Hope this helps, Dr. I

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