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Bumpy skin on the body – what can I do?

Thank you for reading and writing!  This is a tough one but let’s go back to the first principles, which are first, what’s causing this?  Because you can’t target the...

Treating lumps, bumps and ……….. milia!

Okay, most of you know that milia are a plug (like a comedone or acne plug) in a pore but then it hardens and gets stuck. They don’t generally become...

Bumps on the face – what are these???

Okay so my mantra still is to see your dermatologist because no one should self diagnose these, since some skin cancers can look very similar to benign bumps. Learn more...

Removing a mole – what method is best?

Hi Marilyn, if you want a mole with hair removed so that the hair won’t grow there, you must have it excised down through the base which means stitches not just...

Warts on the face – a clarification

A couple of myths to dispel. Diet doesn’t cause warts. Remember though that warts are a virus and if your immune system is struggling because you aren’t healthy (stress, poor...
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