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Tag: Melasma

Melasma, irregular periods and increased facial hair.

Please, please, please go see your doctor or gynecologist right away.   In some women these symptoms can be related to more serious gynecology problems like polycystic ovary disease or endometriosis.  ...

Is Triluma good for pigmentation problems?

I’m going to steer you to the blog content also on this one.   The combination of the 4% hydroquinone, plus tretinoin, plus a mild steroid has been proven to be...

Can melasma be present after menopause?

There could be two main reasons: Your diagnosis is wrong –  you don’t have melasma but a different pigment problem and there are many.    Many women I find, self diagnose...

The new VI Peel – what do you think?

Okay ……. so two things on peels.   The effect of a peel, any peel, is related to the depth to which is penetrates the two outer layers of skin (stratum...
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