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Tag: Sunscreens & Sun Protection

Extreme sun! How can I protect myself?

The sun – especially at mid day at the equator – is brutal.   A sunscreen like the one above while good for every day use in temperate climates is NOT...

Is sunscreen really needed if I’m at home?

Well…… here’s the thing …..you might think no, but it really depends on where you’re working at home.    If you’re outside or near windows, then yes.   Window glass in homes...

After sweating, how to reapply sunscreen?

I think a lot of us have this problem, so thanks for writing!   I was recently in a hot place, riding a cycle up large hills and pouring sweat.  It...

How to give up being a sun worshipper???

Thank you for writing because you said it better than I could probably!  In other words, you are seeing the cost and damage of all that sun now.  Most people...
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