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Tag: Sunscreens & Sun Protection

Makeup – SPF in Your Foundation?

Here’s the problem with SPF in foundation.  If you read the ingredients, other than mineral makeups, they don’t contain UVA blockers.  You absolutely need both UVA and UVB protection every day,...

How much sunscreen is enough on the face?

I know what you mean – it’s a lot.  But I think common sense can apply here and these are guidelines really.  If I were outdoors, midday in Hawaii and...

Preventing Brown Spots (#2 of 3)

Okay so I know I’m a nag, but if you really want to prevent brown spots and blotches you must use a UVA blocking sunscreen that contains at least 10%...

Preventing Brown Spots (#1 of 3)

First, you have to understand them! What kind of brown spots do you have? Are they lentigoes (flat and light to medium dark brown) and caused by sun damage? Are...

Should I use Renova during the summer?

If you have an indoor job and really aren’t outside much in the summer, it’s fine to keep using it. If you are outdoors frequently, I usually recommend stopping or...

Summer Lips

Summer vacations remind me how vulnerable our lips are to sun and wind. Lips have even less natural protection from the sun than the rest of our skin. That’s one reason...
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