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Tag: Thermage & Ultherapy

Which treatment should I have next?

Your question brings up two good issues: customization and maintenance.  First, the answer to your question really depends on your particular skin.  I think it would be bad medicine to...

What results have you seen using Thermage on thighs?

Not many.  We haven’t been recommending it to our patients because the first 3-4 patients we did (with the new reengineered tips) had very disappointing results.  Theramge skin tightening still does not...

What causes pads under the eyes?

Under eye pads or puffiness are complicated because there are several different causes and sometimes they coexist together.  So……. causes can be: 1.  The skin on the eyelids loses collagen...

Is the new Thermage vibrating tip really helpful?

There is absolutely no data from the Thermage company, or anyone else,  that says this tip gives better results.  In my opinion, it’s a marketing gimick.  The vibration does allow slightly higher...

Is it better to do Botox before or after Thermage?

Since the purpose of Thermage is to tighten a little, maintain the jawline and eyebrow position, and build collagen, the timing of Botox with it really isn’t important.   But, if...

Can Thermage lift the brow in our 50s?

If you don’t have too much sagging it will help.  Plan on doing 2, or even possibly 3, treatments over 6-9 months for the best result nonsurgically.  Dr. I

Does the Ulthera system work?

Ulthera is a ultrasound based technology designed as a competitor to Thermage the radiofrequency (also a sound wave) based system that can tighten facial skin and build collagen.   Neither company...
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