Thermage in Summer

Apr 20, 2012

With some laser treatments, you really need to avoid a lot of sun or light exposure after the treatment. That's why here in Seattle, we tend to do fewer IPL/photorejuvenation, Fraxel, and fractionated CO2 laser treatments in the summer. Seattleites like to take advantage of the good weather and be outdoors a lot in the summertime.


But summer is a perfect time to schedule a Thermage treatment for skin tightening. Thermage is not cheap (between $2,000 and $3,000 for full face and neck, or full face face and eyelids), and its results are not dramatic.  We are also careful to consider Thermage only for those patients who will benefit from it. For example, someone who is 65 with lots of sagging will not reverse that sagging from a Thermage treatment.


But someone who is 45 with some beginnings of laxity can usually achieve some subtle but signficant tightening. And although I haven't seen any studies on this, I do think Thermage imparts a glow to the skin.  I still prefer the Thermage skin tightening to the others (like the Titan). Thermage requires only one treatment normally (many patients also want one maintenance treatment every year or two), and there is almost no discomfort at all.


On another topic, I am updating my skin care product recommendations. That's why we have "hidden" the skin care product section. It'll be back up soon, with my new product recommendations.


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