Treating Brown Spots Before Summer

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We all have things about our faces that we want to improve.  For some, it’s sagging.  For others, redness.  For most of us who have had a fair amount of sun in our lives, it’s brown spots .  Brown spots are actually pigment, so you may hear me call this pigment in some of my articles on SkinTour.


Lasers are the best way to treat brown spots.  And you may want to consider doing that now, before summer comes.  To get the most out of your laser treatment, you want to avoid the sun for several weeks at least after your treatment, and that can be hard to do in the summer.


If your main concern is brown spots, one of the best options is the Fraxel Dual.  I have lots of information on this in my article on the Fraxel Dual.  For some brown spots accompanied by redness, you could stick with the tried and true IPL/Photorejuvenation laser.  If you are over 50 or so, you may want to consider a fractionated CO2 laser.  This provides a deeper treatment, and has more downtime.  On all of these, if you think you have melasma, make sure your doctor sees that and recommends the right laser for you.

Dr. Irwin