Treating Facial Veins and Capillaries

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Those pesky red blood vessels on the face are usually capillaries, and the thinner bluish ones are veins.  If you have intermittent flushing, rosacea associated redness, or brown spots also, IPL (intense pulsed light) laser is the best choice for treating these.  It will get a nice result with 3-4 treatments for all of these problems and build a little collagen too.


See Dr. Irwin’s article on IPL Laser skin treatments for blood vessels and brown spots. 


If you just have red blood vessels in a specific spot like a cluster on the cheek or around the nose, then PDL (pulsed dye laser) can be a good best choice also.  Our office and many others also use the Nd:YAG laser on the larger vessels around the nose for example. We often combine the IPL with the Nd:YAG for a better result on the larger vessels.  KTP is sometimes used as well but if the operator isn’t careful it can leave little divots or grooves, so I don’t usually recommend it.

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Dr. Irwin