Explaining Sculptra – Side Effects (#4 of 4)

  Are there side effects or complications with Sculptra?

Like most medical things, complications are rare if the procedure is performed skillfully. And you should read your consent forms carefully, and ask your doctor any questions.

The side effect that you may hear about are little bumps under the skin. Sculptra needs to be mixed correctly, injected correctly, and then massaged by the patient according to instructions. When those three things are done, Sculptra bumps are rare. Small, invisible bumps are more common and will go away. It’s larger, visible bumps that cause distress for patients and doctors. These will eventually go away also but it can take 1-2 years. Again, it’s important to find a skilled doctor to do this procedure.

But Sculptra results can be beautiful and can help with volumizing the cheeks, temples, and even the jaw line in ways that the fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can’t do for more mature faces. And maintainance is usually one treatment once a year, which is attractive to many of us who are busy.

Treatment options for the Cheek area, the Mouth and Lip area, the Jaw Line and Chin area.

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