Latisse, Part Deux


In my last Tip the bottom line was that Latisse works. This week is about who SHOULDN’T use it. Soooo:

  • Don’t use it if you’ve had problems with glaucoma or have problems now with it. Glaucoma is increased pressure in the eye and can be diagnosed by an eye doctor.
  • If you have a family history of glaucoma or don’t know if you do, get an eye exam before you start Latisse.
  • If you have beautiful baby blue or other light colored eyes, there’s a small possibility of a permanent darkening of your eye color. If that would bother you, don’t use it.
  • It can sometimes darken the eyelid skin where it’s used permanently, so if that would bother you, don’t use it.

    Also, a patient of mine who is prone to styes definitely got worse after using Latisse. His eye doctor recommended he stop it, and the styes improved. I’m not sure it’s related but worth thinking about.

    Otherwise, enjoy those lush lashes.

    Next week:  the last of the 3 parts on Latisse — What I don’t like about Latisse!

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