Leg Veins in Summer

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The nemesis of many women over 40! What can we do about these unsightly leg veins?

The summer is the time to make the plan and the appointments in the fall so your legs will look great for your winter holiday and next summer. When you get your leg veins treated, there is often some bruising for 1-3 weeks or more. Also, more than one treatment is usually needed. That’s why this is a good time to plan, but not treat.

What can you do right now about your leg veins? Try Lorac TANtalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer.

What is it? It’s a body makeup.  Yuk, you say!  Doesn’t it wear off on clothes and everything?

It absolutely does NOT!  The first time I used it, I was so sure it would rub off that I put sweats on to test it.  After 2-5 minutes, it doesn’t budge.  I’ve even gone swimming with it on, and it wears off gradually and evenly.

If you have a bit of tan or color already, it gives you a perfect little glow/shimmer.  And, if you don’t have any color, it gives you color and looks natural!  The Lorac is $30.00 online at drugstore.com.

How to Apply? Just take a small glob, and rub it all over your legs (either dry or over lotion), smooth it for about 30-60 seconds well especially around the ankles and the knees and you’re done.  Set 2-5 minutes before clothes.